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Fifty, Fabulous and Focused

In the current April edition of glossy magazine ‘SoTunbridgeWells’, there is an article about 7 local business women ‘of a certain age’, who decided on a career change.I am one of the seven ladies featured, along with 1230 members Jan Comley, Lys Hix and Sue Carne. It was really good fun going along for the photoshoot and we all had lunch together on the day that the magazine went on sale.
The article is entitled ‘The Invisibile Generation.’ “They used to be considered invisible. Women who had reached a certain age were expected to become cardigan-wearing frumps. Not any more. Today they’re Fifty, Fabulous and Focused.”
With all this fame(what happened to the fortune bit?)and celebrity going on in my life at the moment, I will be fighting to get past the paparrazzi next time I go out my front door.
Denny Gaskell (Metamorphosis Interior Style Consultancy)

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