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Energised in Wimbledon

Oh!  Here goes, my first attempt to blog on the 1230 website …
I attended a brilliant 1230 lunch in Wimbledon earlier today, hosted by our divine Teresa (Leong) and a special guest, our very own Penny Denby.  Piaf on the Hill, our meeting place, did a great job of the menu this month and I certainly enjoyed my (large) glass of rose wine and lamb tagine – I know I wasn’t the only one either!
For a recently-formed group, we had a great turnout with some truly inspirational women in attendance.  There was a tremendous amount of positive energy swirling around the room which made for a party-like atmosphere, even during the nerve-wracking “1 minute” session with yours truly kicking the circle off, knees knocking in anticipation of tripping over my own tongue.
It’s so lovely to meet individuals who you really warm to and 1230 really is, in my opinion, a world-class act which is hard to follow.  It must be the pink logo which attracts such wonderful women to these events and I left feeling energised and very happy to have spent a lunchtime expanding my circle of new-found friends and business contacts – and potential clients, for both my therapies and my Virtual Assistant business.  Why is it that facial rejuvenation always attracts such huge amounts of attention?!!
Big thanks, as always, to Teresa who makes the Wimbledon meeting such good fun to attend … also thanks to Louise Olsson (of The Catapult Club) for bringing her “Fight Like A Girl” workshop to my attention (LOVE the concept!) and all the other sparkling ladies who made today’s event such a joy to be at:  Danny Hay (Danny Hay & Consultants), Jini Reddy (journalist), Frances Clarke (FC Legal), Yvonne Mills (APS Legal & Associates), Wendy Powell (herself), Hansa Mistry (Excelsior Graphic Designers) and Denise Dale (Altogether You). I hope I haven’t missed anyone off
Enormous thanks, last but not least, to Penny for her enlightening talk … after finding out that blogs are free for every member to make use of, I just had to dive in!

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