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Darn those Tattoos! And say ‘Yes, I do’ to your dream wedding dress!!!!

Yes! We rush out and have tattoos permanently fixed to our skin, to show off our favourite sayings


and lover’s names and daggers and hearts,


and a maze of intricate designs to dazzle the eyes of onlookers that dare to look closely enough to work out what is actually on display.


Until that big day,


when Cinderella doesn’t wish to continue looking like a pumpkin at Halloween, but rather like a beautiful princess all perfect and light for her Mr Right!


Yes! The dress and her dream are come together as one.


That one day , full of  what she expects, a beautiful future, and the absolute need to look perfectly done.


Now, we have the solution that is not beyond our means


A way of covering up tattoos to fulfil our wedding dress and dream.


A temporary skin camouflage that can last on your body for days,


That will not spoil your dream dress, and on your skin it will stay.


A makeup that is colour matched to blend in with your skin tone,


To hide tattoos and blemishes and wear it as your own.


As a bride, you are now excited at the things you can do,


So you go back to thinking of another tattoo.


Another  tattoo? Yes, to show as a gift for your newly wedded groom!


So adorned with Swarovski crystals and tattoo that resembles ‘something borrowed, something blue!’ This is a splendid service from Take Cover Skin System and only temporary, mind you.


But it doesn’t stop there,  as the honeymoon requires the bride to go bare,


wearing a two piece bikini a must, ‘Help!’, you beseech.


‘ want to cover my tummy tuck so that I am fit for the beach!!’


The tummy tuck surgery was to help you  look slim, so that you could feel confident with the body you are in.


So now we have all areas covered,


Thank goodness for skin camouflage at Take Cover skin System.

Posted by Geraldine Facey on 22/11/2010 17:39:24

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