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Blackheath Rocks!

I really enjoyed today’s event. I had no idea there are so many talented business women on my doorstep that I would never have otherwise met or known about. From designers, to vegan chocolate makers, to maternity consultants to IT Communications specialists….and that’s just a few of them. Brilliant!

Balancing the Bump – time, money, parenthood and the law

Annabel: I am always amazed how women deal with being pregnant at work. Women who were healthy and robust sometimes adopt the attitude that pregnancy is some form of illness and that they simply cannot do a reliable or complete job whilst pregnant. Others sail through with no obvious change until the very latest moment. There are so many misunderstandings about safety and risk when it comes to pregnancy at work.

All employers need to do Health and Safety risk assessments. All but the smallest employers should have them in writing. This assessment should include risk to pregnant women and unborn children regardless of whether anyone is pregnant at the time the assessment is done.

Laura: When you notify your boss that you are pregnant your workspace should be checked to see that it is set up appropriately for you and your growing bump. You may also need a specific evacuation procedure so let the building manager know that you are pregnant or ask your line manager to do so. If you work very long hours this may need to reduce depending on your circumstances.

Annabel: If the job involves a lot of standing, then you may need to have somewhere to sit when things are quiet so you can take the weight off your feet! If your job involves lifting you should already be trained in ‘Manual handling techniques’. You can always split a box – carry half at a time or ask a colleague to help.

Laura: In my experience emotional health is a real ‘risk.’. There may be an overwhelming sense of responsibility which can increase the risk of stress related illness. A woman may feel more anxious . Managers should be sensitive to this – but not let underperformance go unchecked.

Annabel: There is a real difference, both legally and practically between “Here is a note from my GP saying this is dangerous for me because this is not a healthy pregnancy and I am at risk (or my baby is)” and “I am pregnant, I must be careful, so I have decided that I can’t do the following things.”

Do you have a query that you’d like Laura or Annabel to answer? Follow this link and post your question for them –

Annabel Kaye is Managing Director of Irenicon Ltd, a specialist employment law consultancy. Tel: 08452 303050 Fax: 08452 303060 Website : You can follow Annabel on twitter – Our specialist site for pregnancy and parenthood at work can be found on

Busy at Friction

I’m happy to have 1230 coming to do their 1230 Twilight event at Friction lounge and bar Beckenham, I’m very excited about this and the events I have arranged there . It’s going to be a good year.

Did you miss me?

Great to see everyone who was at yesterday’s meeting in Bromley – and thanks for my special 1 minute spot : )

I had to leave before the end to go and seal a deal (it was worth it!) but it did mean I wasn’t there to give people more info on my event – THE FIVE KEYS TO CREATING ENOUGH TIME.

Here’s the web address for all the information and booking:
Please pass it on to all the women you know who will benefit!

Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Posted by on 17/02/2011 10:51:30

Hello Blackheath!

I’m really looking forward to the first meeting of the 1230 Blackheath group on 3rd March. I hope to meet up with both new and familiar faces and get chatting and sharing!

Posted by on 17/02/2011 14:08:40

Balancing the Bump – time, money, parenthood and the law

Annabel: Pregnant women are legally entitled to paid time off to attend ante-natal clinics (this does not come out of holiday or sick leave). One of the first things that causes friction between manager and pregnant woman is that these visits, often for a 10 minute check up, can involve being absent for half a day or more! Managers can ask to see the appointment card to check if the visit is genuine, but this shows distrust of the employee, and starts things off on the wrong foot. Little seems to be done about the time out of work these check-ups take.

In my day, the hospitals made appointments for 40 women at 9am, and we were just expected to sit around and wait our turn. Later on, shared care with GPs was invented, but from experience at my own GP surgery, a visit always involves a lot of waiting.

Laura: If you search around you can find a doctor’s surgery that will have early/later hours for you to be seen. Your local clinic will usually have a midwife or a doctor on site that can do the relevant check-ups. In some cases, there are midwife led units that will come and see you in your home at a time that is convenient to you. Some companies are seeing the value of having a private GP nearby which is funded by the company, and some have a doctor on site that can provide the necessary checks. Then there is the private care. If you (or your company) can afford to pay you won’t have to wait!

Make appointments at the start or end of the day if the surgery is near to home. Some jobs can be done from a waiting room, and there is no need for any real loss of working time. It can be more efficient to make a temporary ‘working from home’ agreement for ante-natal clinic days, if the job permits this. Employers shouldn’t assume that because an employee is out of the office they aren’t doing work.

Annabel: It sounds as though you need to start talking and making arrangements as early as you can. It pays to get any agreements put into writing (or at least confirmed by email) so there are no arguments later on. You should be aware that private medical care can be a taxable benefit, so even if you are lucky enough to persuade your employer to pay for this, this will affect your tax situation.

Do you have a query that you’d like Laura or Annabel to answer? Follow this link and post your question for them –

Annabel Kaye is Managing Director of Irenicon Ltd, a specialist employment law consultancy. Tel: 08452 303050 Fax: 08452 303060 Website : You can follow Annabel on twitter – Our specialist site for pregnancy and parenthood at work can be found on

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All work and some play hopefully

Finishing off this week at Friction trying to get ready to party next week we all have match sticks in our eyes.

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Prepare for Spring

I am a very positive person and am sure Spring really is just round the corner. Preparing for the year ahead by improving your immune system, boosting your metabolism and kick-starting the New Year resolution to loose weight is great at this time of year.
If you just want a ‘cheer up’ that works, well too. I have just bought a new lipstick which always works wonders. My favourite at the moment is “Chocolate Kisses”.
One of my customers has started training for the London Marathon which she is doing for the first time so she is keen to stay fit, improve her stamina and prevent injury. Go girl, we’ll support you all the way!

Posted by on 06/02/2011 15:45:49

Thank you, Sue Christy!

I would just like to say a big thank you to Sue Christy (Christy Clear Coaching)for her very enlightening talk on how to ‘increase profitability’. This sparked a lively conversation at yesterday’s 1230 TWC Sevenoaks meeting and all present were then offering suggestions to each other on how to target the ‘right’ clients and how to extend our services further. Sue talked about minimising our costs in order to maximise our revenue. She also suggested that we keep a time diary every 15 minutes, in order to give us a better understanding of our time management. Sue is very approachable, easy to understand and very supportive. I highly recommend her services! Basically, we had a great, friendly meeting, which felt more like a lunch with good friends-but with business networking thrown in for good measure! Denny Gaskell. Metamorphosis Interior Style Consultancy

Posted by on 02/02/2011 11:56:18

Very recent success with 2 properties

As an interior stylist or ‘house doctor’, I have just completed 2 very different projects, both houses for sale. One was an elderly lady’s home-she had recently died and her daughter had inherited the home and wanted to sell it. The house badly needed to be updated, at minimal cost-this I did, just before Christmas. It is already under offer, from a cash buyer. One very happy client!

The other was a beautiful Victorian villa in Tunbridge Wells’ Lansdowne Road. Such a beautiful house but as the owner lived in New York, I was left to my own devices and succeeded in breathing in new life, with very minimal outlay. Result is that it was remarketed at the beginning of January with a new agent after my input and there has been a price war over the house and exchange is taking place this week. Yet another happy and very satisfied client! I just love it when everything comes together like that-true job satisfaction! Denny Gaskell. Metamorphosis Interior Style Consultant.

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