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By the Sea!

Yesterday I attended 1230 Hastings meeting in a fabulous new venue – Azur.  Those attending included Liza Richards of Bright who brilliantly headed the meeting, Tess Warren of FAT (yet to find out why that business name!) web design, Carol Barfoot of Gibbons Mannington, Madeleine Murray of Pestalozzi, Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte of Beyond Boundaries and of course MD of Azur, Alison McQueen-Luzar.
Suffice to say that the 1230 meeting was brilliant – well done Liza, the company was brilliant – great to meet you all and look forward to many more occasions and the venue was stunning.  Apart from not needing to have sea legs the view was if we were on an ocean liner, and the facilities, well you’d need to see it yourself.
Also this week I attended the hugely successful inaugural meeting of 1230 Dartford – well done Paula Pomeroy on your choice of venue, the beautiful setting of the Dartford Golf Club, and of course the excellent lively meeting.
Last week, and apologies for being a bit tardy on letting you know about this, but as you can tell 1230 is pretty busy! I attended 1230 King’s Hill – new venue and new 1230 Managers Karen Wilkinson and Mandy Shepherd who had done a brilliant job on finding the new venue – Thai Moom.  Again, a great meeting.
Also last week saw me at 1230 Mayfair listening intently to Jane Keynon of Well Heeled Divas.  Another fantastic 1230 meeting brilliantly headed by Caroline Heward.
Hastings….  I have to confess to not rushing back to the office….  and enjoyed some sun and sea before heading back.
Congratulations 1230 Managers and I look forward to meeting up with everyone again soon!

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