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Bizarre with Cocoa

I love chocolate and I love products from a certain store which sells lovely handmade beauty smellies made from natural products, or I did until recently!
Over Christmas I was lucky enough to be given some delicious plain chocolate and some lovely smellies.  Tucking into the chocolates one evening, I started to feel slightly edgy and woozy; naturally, I “persevered” eating the chocolates as they were yummy, but this nasty feeling persisted, so I stopped eating them.

It’s worth mentioning at this stage that I discovered a few months ago that I have a sensitivity to caffeine.  At that time, the only thing I knowingly consumed containing caffeine was the drink Coca-cola, I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I did drink rather a lot of Cocoa Cola.  The affects one day were not pleasant – severe palpitations coupled with a fuzzy feeling so severe that I had to tell “someone” that I wasn’t ready to go just yet!

I tested this feeling with a drink of Coca-cola now and again over a 2 week period and decided that I did not want a repeat experience, so now don’t drink Coca-cola at all.  I hasten to add that I am not given to psychosomatic tendencies.

So, back to the cocoa.  The box of smellies contained a deliciously smelling bar which promised to make my skin beautifully soft.  I surrounded myself in a heady aroma as I rubbed it all over and one particular evening before going to bed I rubbed it over my neck (which was looking a bit crêpey) and shoulders.  That night I had an horrendous nightmare.  The following evening I repeated the process of using the bar and again an horrendous nightmare.  Racking my brain as to why I should have nightmares, something I don’t recall having possibly since a child, I looked at the ingredients in the bar and, guess what? – cocoa and cocoa contains, caffeine.

They say we learn something new each day, this was a learning experience I could well have done without.  But it does mean that I can “research” and test lots of other lovely smellies!

Posted by Jackie Groundsell on 09/01/2010 15:46:54

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