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Birthday cake – and learning to fly in the Twitterverse

Monday 20th April saw 1230 TWC Wimbledon celebrating her 1st birthday: helping us to celebrate the happy occasion were Penny Denby and Jackie Groundsell (founders of 1230 TWC), with Teresa Leong (Wimbledon manager) bringin along the most divine carrot cake I have ever tasted in my life!

I arrived very early, keen to help Teresa prepare the room … unfortunately, none of us had thought to bring along a camera as we would have loved to share the decorations in the Piaf restaurant’s conservatory with you. Gorgeous pink ballons fluttered gaily in the breeze, while a few mini Womble characters lay sprinkled on the table and I brought in my own personal collection of Wombles – rather fitting, really, as the Wombles live in Wimbledon Common. Jackie Groundsell also kindly brought in a massive Womble which eclipsed my offerings … ahh well!

Back to business, we met some great new faces, as well as the usual friendly faces such as Fiona Coppard (Electra), Meera Prasad (Spa owner), myself and Fiona Syrett (1230 TWC Woking manager).

The meeting started with a talk on social networking and how it can help to boost your business, delivered by me (with my business consultant head on!) at the kind request of Teresa. Passionate about networking in all its guises, Twitter and Facebook etc. all help me to communicate with potential clients and businesses.

For the last half of the 30 minute talk I focused more on Twitter: a free, social networking tool which allows you to communicate globally in just 140 character ‘tweets’. I was delighted to launch my newest e-guide “Starting out on Twitter: Learning to fly in the Twitterverse” (available via at 1230 TWC Wimbledon’s birthday celebrations and I know that a lot of business was exchanged on the day!.

Fiona Coppard (Electra) had thoughtfully given Teresa a wonderful handmade Womble birthday card and distributed a birthday gift (£5 voucher) to all the attendees, which was so thoughtful – and very gratefully received, especially now I have spied the latest bracelets she has in stock!

Azmina Jiwa also kindly offered 1230 TWC members a massive 70% discount on her one-day workshop “Zest for Life”, which I am heading off to tomorrow (Saturday).

Fiona Syrett has kindly invited me to be a guest speaker at the 1230 TWC Woking meeting in May 2009 to talk about Twitter so do please come along and join us …

Yet another great networking lunch where we were all able to make valuable connections and mix business with pleasure

Many congratulations to Teresa Leong for all her hard work and for the opportunity to share 1230 TWC Wimbledon’s birthday celebration in such a great way.

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