Beckenham meeting 11th August - 1230 TWC

1230 TWC - the most exciting place to be in 2022!

Beckenham meeting 11th August

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Jackie Groundsell for her excellent workshop on “Tabs” before the Beckenham meeting. I use “Word” a great deal and never knew about all the things that you could do with Tabs. If you missed this workshop and Jackie does it again I would really recommend that you go along.

I took my computer with me as I use an Apple Mac and Jackie and the group helped me suss out the differences between a PC and my Mac. I learnt other things too from the group about “Word” too!

Jackie is a great teacher as I went through my lesson the next day and with the notes I had made I was able to recall it all.

So thank you Jackie and thank you also for your great patience with me when I insisted on writing notes during your demonstrations. I was simply keen not to miss anything so I would be able to do it all again on my own.

020 8660 6022

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