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Beauty hype – playing the April Fool

April Fools Day – perfect for those of us who love to play with our Inner Child! So imagine my glee when I stumbled across a news item on GMTV (with Dr Hilary Jones participating) reporting on the newest anti-ageing technique.

Of course, specialising in facial rejuvenation treatments and natural skincare, I am always on the prowl for latest anti-ageing treatments. Not because I believe we should all be rushing off to try anything which will help us to look younger – far from it! – but because anything which can help raise awareness within ourselves to keep happy and healthy has to be a positive!

So beaming from ear to ear, off I went to pen a mini-blog about the Lirpa Loof programme. I diligently posted all of the links to GMTV’s own website (where you promptly redirected to an April Fool webpage) and also included an April Fool image at the bottom of the blog … and truly believed that no-one would take it seriously, that I would be rumbled within a few seconds of reading.

How wrong could I be?

I was inundated with enquiries, even telephone calls from France. It blew my socks off, so many people keen to find out about this new programme … and so it was left to me to gently reply to each enquirer individually that it was only an April Fools joke, posting an apology to reinforce my genuine regret that so many people had been taken in by the beauty hype that morn.

If only such a simple programme could erase years of sun-worship, stress, joyful living and environmental pollution!

Facial rejuvenation (natural face lift massage) treatments CAN indeed help to restore a youthful glow to your skin, to help re-train your facial muscles and gently smooth away some of the finer lines … facial yogacise and exercises at home each day can also help you to tighten facial contours. Even something as simple as smiling can produce great results!

There are many amazing products available (yes, you can find all-natural beauty products too) which can help to restore a plumpness to your skin, giving a dewy radiant glow – which is just one of the reasons why I am sure I have the world’s best jobs, so much lovely stuff to create and play with.

Still, a magical programme which can beam rays to smooth out your complexion and wipe away all that makes you really YOU, all that makes you truly beautiful and unique … that is, alas, something which is still yet to be achieved.

All we can do is try to find the best solutions which works with our lifestyle and our purses to keep us looking beautiful and radiant each and every day – it takes a little bit of hard work, a little bit of courage and a huge dose of adventurous spirit.

So please, exercise a little caution and remain a little sceptical of anything which promises you instant youth … it is highly unlikely that the elixir of youth has been rediscovered just yet. In the meantime, why not consider treating yourself to a completely natural, “no products used” facial rejuvenation treatment which will leave you glowing, full of energy and vitality to continue your hectic life as a busy business woman!

PS For anyone who saw the item on GMTV and saw the lady after “half an hour with this programme” – you can achieve EXACTLY the same look with mineral make-up!

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