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Meet Libby, From Be Happy Courses

libbyI’m Libby and I’m the founder of and  I started the business to spread more happiness! Cheesy, but it’s true!  I help people (all sorts of people from all walks of life), especially people who are feeling down and know they need to “pick themselves up again”. I do this with my 7-day challenge on becoming happier. Here I help the participants become mindful in their life and return back to happiness.

I love the idea of business networking. I have always been a huge advocate of women in business so this fits in with my ethos particularly well, and one of my favourite women in business is Michelle Mone.

I actually, never do lunch with business! Eating and business are too important to mix – it would mean I had to divide my attention and that just wouldn’t be right!!

I do heaps of work with charities that I’m involved in and although it is my birthday on Christmas Day, I always work on Christmas Day and give my counselling services away for free. I know how challenging a time of year it can be for a lot of people and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to do this. The best part of my work is being able to help people who otherwise might not have access to mental health services and education.

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Jackie Groundsell is known as the queen of women's business networking lunches - the Connector. She supports thousands of small business owners through her events and lunch-time meetings

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