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All they spoke about was? but what else?

I heard it said recently about a meeting – “All they spoke about was their children going to university”. I mentioned this at the 1230 Bromley meeting to hear the thoughts of those attending. It generated quite a discussion, the conclusion being that all conversations need to start somewhere, and whilst the immediate sale can happen, the reason for attending 1230 meetings is to build sustainable relationships. Women can do this very easily and naturally and part of that can be about sharing some personal details, and yes, that could be about our children, but we are getting to know each other, and about our businesses.

Well done Clare on another great, productive meeting.

Maxine Lake of Beach Glamour said “Thanks for a great meeting today, I was so nervous but you and Clare made me feel at ease.”

Well done also to Louise Cardon of Keston Natural Health Practice who explained clearly why some stresses are good for us and others not so good; how and why we should manage these for better health. And after we’d closed our eyes and breathed deeply for 1 minute under Louise’s supervision, we all felt totally relaxed and energised in one, ready to continue with the meeting!

See you all soon!

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