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2,500 sub-Post Offices to Close!!

Among all the chaos caused to deliveries by the strike of Post Office workers, it has not been forgotten by those who rely on the Post Office and Royal Mail that the closure plan for 2,500 sub-Post Offices is rolling inexorably ahead.
Businesses and sole traders in rural areas and on the edges of larger towns will be particularly affected by the closures, which will mean not only the loss of banking and cash services but core postal services too. It is probably a good guess that many 1230 TWC members rely substantially on the network of smaller Post Offices for their business as well as domestic and social needs.
The disheartening thing for many villages and suburbs is that their Post Office resides in the one and only remaining shop in the community and if the Post Office closes the shop it is located in becomes, almost inevitably, less viable and therefore vulnerable to closure too.

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