1230 East Dulwich's Lola Fayemi on Westside Radio's Business Show 89.6FM - Friday 18 April 2008 10-11am - 1230 TWC

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1230 East Dulwich’s Lola Fayemi on Westside Radio’s Business Show 89.6FM – Friday 18 April 2008 10-11am

I am being interviewed by Westside Radio on the Business Show with Pooja.
The topic for my interview is “What’s stopping you from your success?” and will be all about the underlying unconscious beliefs we have that are in conflict with our desires, and the negative impact these have on our businesses and lives.
I will also be sharing tips on how to overcome this conflict and so that everything within you is in alignment towards the same goal.
I’ve heard this will be a little different from their usual interviews on business, but it’s very reflective of my style and approach.
In my opinion this topic is about building a successful and thriving business on solid foundations.  Many people go into business seeking financial success but have conflicting beliefs around money like “rich people are greedy” and “money is the root of all evil”.  If you have underlying beliefs like this you will not ALLOW yourself true financial success.  Until this issue is addressed you may find yourself periodically sabotaging your efforts.
This is why this is foundational information and affects ALL of your business decisions.  Listen in for more of the same.
* * *
If you are in the West London area you can tune in to 89.6FM.  You can also listen live online or listen to the podcast after on www.westsideradio.co.uk.
I hope you can tune in!

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