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The 1230 TWC Best Presentation Award

And the winner is….IMG_0037magic

1230 TWC Best Presentation Award 2014


Lily Yeobah

Voted for by her own 1230 TWC networking colleagues, Lily Yeobah was presented with the 1230 TWC Best Presentation Award 2014 at the Business Women in Action Conference London 3 November 2014.

We realise that for some, the opportunity to stand up and share exciting, informative details about your business  in front of an audience can be terrifying.

For others, this is less so and is seen as a challenge to include a lifetime of detail in that exclusive 1 minute!

You probably fall somewhere between the 2, nevertheless, the message needs to be RIGHT!  And we’re here to help you.

Attending a 1230 The Women’s Company meeting gives you the opportunity to present for 1 minute, max.  The objective of the presentation each month is to increase other attendees’ understanding and awareness of your business.

60 seconds can seem like an eternity and many people find it difficult to speak in public.  Please remember that you are amongst people who want you to succeed and want to learn about your business; we are all interested and here to support you.

With practice the time passes very quickly, in any case it’s always best to keep it simple!   And if you can get your message over in 10 seconds, well done!

“That’s all very well” we hear you say, “but what DO I tell everyone?”  “And how can I ensure I get my message over,  I’m clear, concise, confident and stick to time?” “and…. and….”

That’s where Jackie comes in:-

1)  During March 2014 – International Women’s Month – 1230 TWC MD Jackie Groundsell attended all the meetings to deliver a  proactive talk on how you can get the best from this opportunity to speak at the 1230 TWC meetings, to make the most of your networking and to make your networking effective by feeling others pain and how your business can help them!

2)  Each month you will be able to give your 1 minute talk and you’ll be able to judge in complete confidentiality how well you think your colleagues did.

3)  After the meeting you will be sent a very short questionnaire on which to rate each talk.  At the end of the year, the person with the highest score is the winner of the 1230 TWC Best Presentation Award.  Simples! 

4)  Each group will have a winner who will be presented with great drum rolls and fanfares with the magnificent 1230 TWC Best Presentation Award.  This will be an annual event, with the winner keeping their Award.

5)  And if you’d like to, feedback from the Questionnaires about your talks can be provided.

Please ensure you have pen and paper with you and the meetings – don’t forget Membership is of the whole 1230 TWC network.

Be a 1230 TWC Member by November to qualify in winning a 1230 TWC Presentation Award.

The 1230 TWC Best Presentation Awards 2014 will be presented at the BUSINESS WOMEN in ACTION London 2014 Conference

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