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“Recognising & Leaving an Abusive Relationship”

About Lea

Lea is  establishing a business and creating a project to help other victims and survivors; to help raise the awareness of domestic abuse.

As a woman in her 50s who has come from a difficult abusive situation, Lea is using her current experiences to create something positive to help others in a similar situation.


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1230 TWC ONLINE – Speaker Annabel Lovick

“If life were a game, would you play it again?”

About Annabel

Annabel diagnosed her life as a ‘game with no rules’, after this radical operation to remove half her cancerous tongue. In her quest to win, these are her rules.

Annabel shares with us lessons learned along the way and what she’s doing with that knowledge.

About her Talk

Annabel asks “If life were a game, would you play it again?”

Annabel is a Relationship and Positivity Life Coach and NLP practitioner. She has transitioned through several life-changing situations and is now writing a book on how to win at this ‘Game of Life’

Annabel developed a lesion on her tongue a year ago. “I didn’t think much of it at first and tongue cancer never crossed my mind”, she said.

She underwent complex surgery at Guy’s Hospital to remove the cancer and reconstruct a part of her tongue which had to be removed.

After a gruelling 10 hours of surgery, Annabel stayed in hospital for two weeks with a tube in her windpipe to breathe, unable to swallow, eat or drink and was totally mute for 8 days.

1230 TWC Host – Helen Manchip – Orpington Group

Helen is a social media consultant and trainer, based in Orpington, Kent. She has a background of 19+ years in hospitality, retraining as a social media manager after having her family. Helen spotted an opportunity to help local businesses and start ups with their social media, and set up BR6Life for local independent businesses and more recently The Social Surgery.

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