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1230TWC Exclusivité – LAUNCH 6 September

Let’s get your business ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Monthly lunchtime meetings for businesswomen –  business/profession/career women looking for exclusivity, support, and action for business and personal growth.


Not a  problem – JUST BOOK HERE

Claim your seat NOW to ensure you’ll be in the right place at the best time of day, to make connections, plan, collaborate and learn, for your business growth, with a delicious lunch + a glass of something cool and bubbly in relaxed, superb surroundings.

    • A relaxed, informal, constructive environment enabling strong business relationships to develop. People buy people so whilst it’s not always possible to buy a service or product, it is possible to have a strong business relationship which enables those connections to be honestly offered and made.
    • With workshops and specialist speakers too.


What better way to find out more about your colleagues and they you, than to have an opportunity to introduce yourself – with many other topics, we help you to get the most from this, to produce an effective 1-minute summary – not a sales pitch. Although if you need to produce this, we can help you with this and many other topics too.

So if you’re serious about growing and strengthening your business, BOOK HERE – choose your membership option and book your meeting NOW.

And don’t forget, there can only be ONE of your Business/profession – make sure that’s YOU!

Take advantage of the LAUNCH fee membership HERE

As a 1230TWC Exclusivité Member

You’ll be able to have a 10 mins Spotlight completely on you. This could be a mini-workshop, or you could expand on your offering. And we maximise on all marketing promotion for you.

You’ll have many years of expertise and experience immediately available to you; Jackie has helped thousands of businesses over the past 20+ years, as has Susi in her professional capacity, PLUS of course, the experiences and expertise of your colleagues being available to you, and being accountable to each other, you’ll be amazed at how much faster you’ll be able to achieve.

Everything a 1230TWC member gets and more

including a POWER60 – that’s an exclusive 1:1 60 mins mentoring with 1230 TWC’s Jackie Groundsell, leaving with an accountability action plan.


Networking is about sharing and with the importance of being open and receptive, we’re sure like us you’ll appreciate the need for the protection of sensitive business information, that includes yours too, and everyone is requested to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

The saying goes for all industries worldwide, “It’s not always what you know, but who you know”.

We love working with and supporting others – let us work with you.


Meetings will be held on the 1st  Tuesday of each month @ 12.30 pm