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10 things you should be doing with your marketing

10 things you should do with your marketing


If you are in business then you are in marketing too, it’s as simple as that and it has nothing to do with whether you like marketing or not or whether you have a natural aptitude for it or not, it’s simply that in order to make more sales you need to do more marketing.

Along with the wonderful and inspiring definitions of marketing, think of it as finding a way to build a relationship with someone who doesn’t know you yet. On that wonderful and less scientific premise here are 10 things you should be doing right now with your marketing.

  1. Know Your Customer – sounds cliché but it’s true. Think about trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone you don’t know, you will have to skirt around a range of subjects before you hit on the one that is relevant to them but, if you know who they are and know about them the conversation will flow so much easier. The more you really understand your customer – who they are and what they are about- the more you can present your products/services to meet their needs.
  2. Know Your Product – okay another obvious one, but how much do you really look at your products and services with fresh eyes? Are you looking at your product or service only through your eyes or have you stopped to look at it from your customer’s perspective. Whilst your opinion is important the customer’s perspective has so much more value, as we all know that customers only buy when they have a need (or believe that they need).
  3. Know Your Message – what are you saying to your customers? How are you a solution to their problems?
  4. Be Consistent and congruent – From the moment you set up shop, everything you are and everything you do represents your business and your ‘brand’. Are you being consistent and clear with your message? Is it congruent with how you would like to be known and remembered?
  5. Segment – I know that your product or service could probably benefit everyone but (sorry to be the bearer of bad news) there is no such market as “everyone”. The everyone market is a series of someones and you get to choose. Segment your market and then you can have the right conversations with the right people.
  6. Use multiple Methods – Think of your job as building marketing muscles and just like going to the gym, no one activity is going to get you the level of fitness you desire – in addition to that your customers are being bombarded with messages from your competition and you need to repeat yourself to be heard.
  7. Be Consistent – Never stop your marketing. Everyone adult in the Western world must have heard of McDonald’s and Apple (not the fruit variety) but do these business stop marketing of course not. You need to be getting your message out there to your target market at least every 30 days. Remember point 6.
  8. Think outside of the box – Test New Things – Don’t get complacent just because it worked yesterday or because everyone else is doing it.  Try new methods, develop new products. Be innovative, be creative , don’t get stale.
  9. Existing Clients – It costs less to get your existing clients to buy from you again. Don’t neglect them in your marketing and conversations.
  10. Create a swipe file – Everytime you come across something that makes you go wow or ah-mazing store it for a later date. Some of your best ideas and solutions will come from adopting and adapting something that someone else has done. The wheel has already been invented and all you have to do is refine it.
  11. Evaluate  – You need to measure and evaluate what you are doing. What works do more of, what doesn’t stop – simple!

OK, 11 things you should be doing with your marketing!


Are you in a Relationship?

For your business, that is.

It is often said in business that success is determined not by what you know, but bywho you know.  Relationship building in business is essential.

Word of mouth referral is responsible for 70% of business taking place! 70% of business activity is down to people who get to know you, like you and trust you, whether or not they have bought your products or used your services, they feel comfortable in recommending or referring you.

So that would seem a pretty fool-proof and economical way to grow your business; to make money.

Yes, but it doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and effort – by you!

Effective and successful networking isn’t just about “the money”.

It’s about learning from your peers, sharing experiences and support, which in turn all add to your well-being and that of your business!

If you are going to be successful in business, face-to-face networking is an essential part of your business’s marketing strategy.

So here are 10 Relationship Building Rules (RBR) to make networking work for you:-

  1. Regular Attendance
    Networking is about developing trust and relationships over time – so you need to attend regularly
  2. Give and Help Others
    Be prepared to give and help others – what you give will come back three-fold – see where you can make connections for others
  3. Genuine Interest and Listen
    Show a genuine interest in people and really listen – you never know who they know!
  4. Follow up
    Always follow up contacts, by phone or email
  5. 1:1s
    Arrange 1:1s – to find out more about each other and business opportunities – so always take your diary, whether paper or electronic, with you
  6. Invitations
    Invite business contacts to experience a networking meeting – spreading the word extends opportunities for everyone
  7. Circulate
    Circulate – don’t stay in your comfort zone
  8. Preparation
    Be prepared – have plenty of business cards, perhaps an A5 flier, and certainly have a 1 minute talk prepared – you can “wing-it” much later on! (let me  know if you’d like a copy of the 1230 TWC 1 Minute guide) Remember “Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement” anon
  9. Information Networking
    Never go anywhere without your business cards; that includes supermarket, hairdressers, dentist, school gates, etc….  These are your informal networking opportunities.
  10. Gold
    Treat your network, your relationships, like gold – don’t abuse your contacts

Networking is not about selling, it’s about building the relationship.  Follow the above RBRs consistently and it will work for you.

 I would love to hear from you about your networking experiences and please share your own networking tips