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1230 TWC Free
Welcome to the 1230 TWC Free membership! As a 1230 TWC free Member you'll receive all the 1230 TWC news and sometimes details in our newsletters about our networking colleagues'events that we think you'll find helpful to your personal and business growth. Don't worry, we'll never pass your data to any other organisation without your permission. So this information with booking details will always come from us at 1230 The Women's Company. What else does free membership mean:
  • Access to all the 1230 TWC meetings, as many or as few as you wish, you just pay a little more than Members, £10 more - this includes your meal. After 2 meetings, if you haven't already, we ask you to join us. You can of course continue to attend in an ad hoc fashion - you will pay £30 more than a 1230 TWC Member for your meeting, including your meal.
  • The opportunity to showcase your business in a 1 minute talk.
  • The opportunity to listen to Guest Speakers
  • The opportunity to have free training, when attending a 1230 TWC meeting.
  • The opportunity to attend free workshops, subject to your booking and attending the subsequent meeting.
What you DON'T get in your free membership: - 1230 TWC Web Account - with secure Login and Password which gives you access to your web site account with full ability to post to the various promotional opportunities below: - MEMBERS' EVENTS - Here is an opportunity for us to help you promote your business events on the web site - with your secure login and password you can upload as many of your events as you wish, which will appear on the Events pages. - MEETING PACKAGES - saving £85-150 - special prices for advanced booking - PROFILE - with a complete Member Profile, ie Directory Description, photo and logo - your entry will appear in the Members' Directory - OFFERS - let the far-reaching 1230 TWC audience know about your business by uploading your Offers to the web site. - BLOGS - Expand your reach even further - be found by Search Engines - they just love blogs! And let everyone know what you are doing in your business on a daily/weekly/monthly/whenever basis - to suit you. Blogs appear on the Blogs page. - TESTIMONIALS  - Get your customers and 1230 TWC contacts to promote you by adding Testimonials for you - the lifeblood of any business, and of course you can add your testimonials for the 1230 TWC Members! Win-Win! - ARTICLES -  Let others know about your expertise, just by posting articles to the 1230 TWC web site! - WORKSHOPS - Continuously develop you/your business - learn with 1230 TWC taster workshops - 45 minutes pre 1230 TWC meetings - completely FREE - TAKE10  - Subtle promotion for 1 Member per month - a 10 minutes speaking slot for you to share your expertise with others.  A great opportunity for a captive audience to hear from you - the expert in your field - they will then want to recommend and buy from you. - TOOLS & TRAINING - A growing toolbox of videos and downloadable documents for your continued business growth. AND you can upload your materials there too! Another great opportunity to promote your business. - RESOURCES - A MEGA area for another toolbox of learning materials - from us and our generous business partners. - FREE MEETING - Introduce a Visitor who books and pays on-line in advance (who;s not attended previously) and your meeting is FREE! Although, maybe you'd like to split the cost with them - up to you! * Please see  T&C for Offer details - MEMBERS' GIFTS - This is a great opportunity for Members to accept Gifts from others as part of their 1230 TWC membership. Members can also promote their business by gving these Gifts. This alone easily reflects ROI on the cost of membership. Members can also promote their business by giving these Gifts. - DISPLAY - High profile for one Member per month -  table display - everyone there can see the Member's products or services (literature) - CONSTANT CONTACT - email marketing. Through 1230 TWC’s investment, we are able to offer you a 60-day free trial PLUS 25% discount on all products. If you are already using Constant Contact, we can arrange a discount for you too! - 1230 The Women's Company Members Only Facebook Group. An exclusive area for 1230 TWC Members to chat, seek advice, share experiences, expertise, fun. It’s definitely not somewhere to sell. Sadly 1230 TWC Members who are not on Facebook won’t be there Please let them know, they need to be there! - HOT FRIDAYS In the 1230 TWC Members Facebook Group – 1230 TWC Members can post questions, issues, problems on a FRIDAY – for us all to support and answer. You could be the lucky person to have your issue/question taken forward to a 3rd meeting in the year for further brainstorming. Alternatively, post about an interesting book or speaker - anything that's clean and helpful to other Members! Members can of course post in the closed Group at any time, but #HOTFRIDAYS have a special focus.  

inner member meetings
Monthly meeting fees (including lunch) for inner London members of 1230 TWC
inner non member meetings
Inner London Non-Member £34.00 for your first 2 lunch meetings, £54.00 for subsequent meetings (Why not join?)
The mastermind level of membership includes all your Mastermind meeting fees, the regular board meetings and brunch, payable monthly.
outer member meetings
Monthly meeting fees (including lunch) for outer London members of 1230 TWC
outer non member meetings
Outer London Non-Member £34.00 for your first 2 lunch meetings, £54.00 for subsequent meetings (Why not join?)
1230TWC Host
1230 TWC Early Bird membership
Welcome to 1230 TWC!  We're delighted that you have joined us....