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02 Dec 2023


8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Small Business Saturday with StartUp Bromley – 2 December 2023


Optimising Business Success Through Strategic Networking

Are you ready to lift your business game to unprecedented heights? Don’t miss the opportunity to supercharge your success through our exclusive Strategic Networking Mastery Workshop.

Why Book This Event?

Accelerate Your Growth: Learn the art of strategic networking to propel your business forward. Discover proven techniques to expand your network and open doors to new opportunities.

Boost Your Influence:

Harness the power of effective networking to enhance your professional reputation. Gain insights on building meaningful connections that can positively impact your business or career.

Master the Art of Connection:

Uncover the secrets to making lasting connections that go beyond surface-level interactions. Raise your networking skills to create business relationships that matter.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: In today’s competitive business landscape, networking is the key to staying ahead. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in your industry.

How You’ll Benefit:

Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded professionals, expanding your reach and influence.

Accelerate Opportunities: Open doors to new business prospects, partnerships, and collaborations through strategic networking. Recognise the synergies.

Gain Insider Insights:

Jackie will share her hard learned tried and trusted experiences and routes to successful networking. Access her valuable insights and advice for business success.

Build Lasting Relationships: Learn to build genuine, lasting connections that can contribute to your personal and professional growth.

Ready to revolutionise your approach to networking and advance your business to new heights? Secure your spot at this Strategic Networking Mastery Workshop now!

What We Will Cover:

This session covers key messages to make both online and offline networking work for you:

  • Answer – Why networking? Must I?
  • Preparation for a networking event Tools for networking, including the 1-minute introduction
  • Becoming the networking “Go To” person
  • Overcoming any fears
  • Quality “how to” secrets of networking made easy
  • What should happen at a networking event
  • What shouldn’t happen at a networking event
  • After a networking event – what next?

This event is delivered by StartUp Bromley which is a business support services designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs, start ups and established businesses to build their entrepreneurial skills and confidence, as well as giving them access to business information and resources.

We offer our members a variety of expert-led workshops, 1-2-1’s with a business manager, access to business resources, opportunities to trade and test business ideas, co-working and office space, networking events and much more.

If you wish to attend the event and are not already a member, you will need to register with Start Up Bromley first.

Members of Start Up Greenwich and Start Up Wandsworth are also welcome to attend the event.

Guest Speaker

Jackie Groundsell – CEO of 1230 The Women’s Company

Award winning Jackie Groundsell, known as “The Connector”, because she literally thinks in terms of connections, always knowing someone who can help you move closer to achieving your goals. Her little (pink) black book is crammed with influential people across all walks of life.

With a background in IT training (that’s how it all started) Jackie is recognised as queen of businesswomen’s lunch-time networking, supporting 1000s of small business owners through 1230 The Women’s Company Ltd. Launched August 2002,1230 TWC provides on and off-line trading and business growth opportunities with meetings, training, and events.

Jackie Hosts her increasingly popular weekly Radio Show 1230 TWC Business Beat;

LDBR, locally based with international reach – a lively 2 hr show, focusing on supporting, informing and entertaining entrepreneurial businesswomen. The Radio show is supported by regular Podcasts. She also owns the renown blogging website Birds on the Blog

Very much a people person, for Jackie, 1230 TWC is a personally inspiring and satisfying business: “Being able to see the synergies and connect businesswomen, to see the “eureka!” moment that 1230 TWC training and networking provides as their businesses grow, is so rewarding; I am exceptionally fortunate to be in a business that I just love.”

Meeting various personal challenges in her own life has given her great empathy with the wonderfully inspiring businesswomen she meets and supports through networking. “I would say my can-do attitude and ability to talk are two of my greatest personal assets. I’m always up for a challenge!” Jackie is available for public speaking, training, and Speed-networking sessions and continues to be constantly inspired by the businesswomen she meets through her networks.

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