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16 Oct 2024


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


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Lunchtime Networking Bromley & Orpington 16 October

Welcome to 1230 The Women’s Company (TWC), where we empower smart, sassy businesswomen like you to grow your ventures in a structured yet relaxed environment.


At 1230 TWC, we’ve cultivated a dynamic network of meetings and events that unite like-minded businesswomen. Here, you can inspire and be inspired, share invaluable experiences, and bolster your business through trusted relationships.

If you’re eager to dive into a supportive, like-minded network and promote your business, here’s what to expect:

    1. Hone your networking skills and expand your business connections.

  1. Unlock the secrets of entrepreneurial success from fellow business owners.

  2. Tap into unwavering support, a cornerstone of our 1230 TWC gatherings.

  3. Be assured and confident knowing the Chatham House Rule is in practice.

  4. Absorb insights from workshops, guest speakers, and fellow attendees.

Joining 1230 TWC means becoming part of an extensive network with endless opportunities. Prepare your 1-minute introduction, which we provide as a free resource at all our meetings.

Our 1230 TWC Meetings blend warmth and informality with a productive structure. Promote your business while enjoying great company and delectable meals.

If you’re seeking more business, valuable contacts, unwavering support, expert advice, and connections with focused, savvy businesswomen, you’ve found your tribe!

Don’t miss your chance to secure your place with our EARLY BIRD savings.
We look forward to welcoming you. Networking is vital, and so is a good meal!

All lunchtime meetings include delicious complimentary food, unless stated otherwise. Please advise in advance of any special dietary requirements.

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