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Do you sell digital products on-line?

As you may know new EU VAT legislations came into place 1 January 2015.  If all this is scary and as clear as mud, keep an eye on this page for up-to-date details and links to keep you sane with jargon-free detail.

Below is just one of 1230 TWC Member Annabel Kaye’s helpful webinars


We’re trying to find out what the impact of these changes will be on the small business community in order to make a case for change.  1230 The Women’s Company has been supporting business women owners and decision makers since 2002 both in the UK and internationally.

These new regulations aren’t selective and affect 1230 TWC Members and non-members and all genders – our research reaches across the whole business community. So I’m here to ask for just 30 seconds of your time – max – please.

We guarantee that the resulting data will remain anonymous, and will not result in additional emails to you.In advance – many thanks for your help – we will be sharing the results with you.

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