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Whether you're tearing your hair out trying to meet deadlines or pacing yourself in writing your book, with many years working as a PA, Executive Assistant, helping colleagues, running her own business and writing her own copy, Jackie Groundsell offers professional editing, proofreading and/or formatting services to you.

Timely and efficient, services includes:


Correction of:

  • Spelling/typing errors
    Ensuring that the spelling is accurate UK English.
  • Punctuation errors
    Ensuring that all punctuation is used and inserted appropriately.
  • Grammatical errors
    Ensuring that your writing is grammatically correct.
  • Improving fluency
    Jackie is happy to make and recommend changes to ensure clarity for your reader.

You know that feeling when the typo screams at you from a 20' screen and that apostrophe position isn't quite right?

No more!


  • Proofreading - for final drafts of documents which have been edited at least once.

Formatting a Word document includes:

  • Amendment of formatting issues eg amend / add emboldening of text / correction of font sizing
  • Creation of a Tables of Contents with hyperlinks
  • Addition of watermarks
  • Amendment / addition of Images, graphics and charts layout
  • Inclusion of company logo and information
  • Creation of automatic page numbering
  • Addition / modification of headers / footers


  • Baseline fee of £25 per hour
  • Let's talk - contact Jackie on info@JackieGroundsell.com
    020 8650 8015 / 07930 756012


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