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1230 TWC Virtual Meetings

We're online with 1230 TWC meetings

Wednesdays at 12.30 pm, there will be some fun, as well as support and interesting, invaluable  topics to keep your businesses thriving.

Through this together

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12.30 pm Wednesday 23 September 

Katrina Young
 - What is next? get online
 Getting ahead emerging post Covid-19 &
what you can use to help

"The thing I love most about learning from Katrina is the little gems of information & useful tips she adds. There’s always so much more value than you were expecting and these little facts are always super helpful at seeing how you will implement in the real world. Her learning content is always layered so well, building the foundations you need first and taking you back to what’s most important, which is so important when you’re a shiny object magpie like me! It can be hard to remember what’s important when you’re learning all the things in business and Katrina is amazing at taking it back to basics and staying on-track with your priority goals.

I would always recommend Katrina both as a learning provider and a hugely knowledgeable business woman, she’s an asset as well as a lovely person”  J Ishbel

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Let's get through this together

An opportunity to say "Hi!" when you need a friendly voice / advice / someone to scream at.  Jackie (1230 TWC Director) is at the end of the phone and available to pick up Voicemails from the purple Tab on the right-hand side of the page, plus emails as usual.

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