1230KISS - 1230 TWC


1230KISS is a great opportunity to spread the word about YOU over the Twitter Social Media airwaves.

That is, a 1230 TWC Member or specially selected guest.

1230Jackie has in excess of 5,800 Followers, with a Klout score above average (average is 40) at 62 so on-line networking connection with Jackie, as well as off-line connections help you to reach a wider audience for relationship building – for business growth.

1230KISS can be found at the  1230KISS Blog, and the Twitterviewee’s photo (plus some others) can be found on the special Pinterest KISS Board – giving greater reach.

To find out more about our exciting guests, join us every Friday at 10.30 am for @1230KISS twitterview – just follow #1230KISS

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