available 1-30 June 2020

Bring a Colleague | Client | Girlfriend 

How does this work?

During the WHOLE OF JUNE a 1230 TWC Member can attend for free;

Really? Yes! Crazy eh?

1230 TWC is here to support you, your business

Your Colleague, Client or Friend, just books in online for the virtual meeting, pays just £5 - half the usual non-member price for virtual meetings

For the whole of June. That's right - 4 meetings!


Only available for 1-30 June inclusive.


  • Someone you know who really could do with a helping hand in these unprecedented times.
  • It’s a great way to expand on a new networking connection by bringing them to your favourite meeting.
  •  There is always someone who deserves your thanks for a favour.
  • A random act of kindness for someone lovely!
  • Plus any other reasons you can think of!

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Don't forget that's for the whole of June!

Can't wait to see you!