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Uxbridge Business Networking Lunch

Business Networking Lunches in Uxbridge

Business Networking for Female Entrepreneurs & Executives

The 1230 TWC Uxbridge Business Women's Networking Lunch meets at the Zizzi Uxbridge - awash with personality, colour...and historical influence.
This luxury restaurant ensures our networking lunch is a special treat - so good, you'll find it hard to believe it's business as well!!!


Venue directions

223 High St, Uxbridge UB8 1LD

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking Lunch you can expect great conversation, a speaker on an aspect of business, and a great lunch.

Meeting on the 3rd Friday of each month

Would you like greater profile in a networking group?

You love helping and supporting other women in business, you get a real kick out of sharing their successes and your enthusiasm is infectious.

And, you love that being a Host for 1230 TWC comes with its own generous rewards as well as all the other benefits, like increased visibility, the raised profile and the benefits of being centre stage on the business networking scene, throw in your social media skills and you'll love that you're in your element!

Interested to know more?

and then - let's chat!

Can't make this month's meeting? Book in for the next one here!

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Jackie Groundsell is known as the queen of women's business networking lunches - the connector. She supports thousands of small business owners through her events and lunch-time meetings

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