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Meet Julie Dennis – The Menopause Coach

Headshot-JDI’m Julie Dennis the founder JD Enterprises which I’ve run since 2013.

I was made redundant in 2013 and quickly realized I didn’t want to return to commuting and working long hours for companies where I didn’t feel like I was making a difference.

The biggest challenge for me when I launched my business was that it was just me! I was used to working as a part of a global team with loads of support. Suddenly I was covering IT, HR, Marketing and Accounts!

I specialise in helping professional women manage their menopause symptoms so they can remain cool and confident at work.

I know from personal experience how debilitating menopause symptoms can be if you don’t have access to expert advice. I want women to know that when symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and anxiety strike they are not alone and that with the right knowledge and the right attitude you really can navigate your menopause years with grace and ease.

I love business networking. It’s a constant source of advice, support and of course business! I’ve made excellent business contacts, connected other people and made some good friends

For my business, women-only business networking works best – guys tend to back away when I start talking hormones and menopause!

I draw inspiration from so many female business owners. I love Suzanne Dibble for her you can do and be absolutely anything you want attitude and Sarah Arrow for her generous support to so many business women. I love Rachel Henke’s freedom business model and Karen Skidmore’s no-nonsense approach to marketing. Caroline Ferguson, my best business girlfriend, has been a constant source of advice, accountability and fun.

My favourite book by a female author is Life without Limits by Chrissie Wellington. Her achievements in sport are incredible as is her generosity to other competitors. After each ironman race she won, Chrissie remained at the finish line to cheer each and every competitor home.

My favourite venue for business networking has got to be Limewood which I visited last year with my mastermind group.

My best business win is just about to come. I’m working towards getting an article on Managing Menopause in the Workplace into the national press.

Studies show almost 50% of women experiencing menopause symptoms feel their job performance is negatively affected as a result of poor concentration, tiredness, poor memory and of course, hot flushes.

We need to increase awareness for business around the impact of menopause so they can effectively manage the female leadership pipeline and ensure female talent isn’t lost.

It’s equally important that women get access to expert, balanced advice so they can then make an informed choice as to how to manage symptoms.

I am on a mission to get business talking about the impact of menopause in the workplace and work with companies to integrate a menopause policy into their health and well-being strategy. Watch this space!

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Meet Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer

Caroline-Ferguson-Mindset-TrainerQ1. What’s your name and what you do?
I’m Caroline Ferguson and I’m a Mindset Trainer to purpose-driven women who know they were born for something bigger. I help them to overcome limiting beliefs, low self-worth and procrastination so that they can deliver their full, extraordinary impact.

Q2 Why Did you Start a business and what was your biggest business challenge when you started?
I’d been self-employed for many years as a business communications specialist, but there was always something missing. I found my true north when I retrained as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. My biggest challenge was marketing technology (which it turns out was much simpler than I was trying to make it).

Q3 Who do you help / serve in your business?
I help women (and a few men) who are tired of sabotaging themselves and getting in their own way. They know they’re capable of making a greater impact but they feel stuck. They are ready to make the change.

Q4 How did you know they were the people you’re meant to help?
It took me a while to work this out. At first, I wanted to help everyone sort out their mindset, but gradually I realised that when I was trying to communicate with “everyone”, no-one could hear me. It wasn’t until I started focusing on the people I loved working with – entrepreneurial women – that I was able to understand their pain and get really clear on my messaging.

Q5 What do you think of business networking?
It’s essential. I wouldn’t have a business without it. I network extensively, both in the room at events and online.

Q6 What do you think of women-only business networking?
I love it. I know some people prefer mixed networking but I go where my clients feel comfortable. Women are incredibly generous networkers – it’s less about competition and much more about connection and collaboration, which is my favourite way to do business.

Q7 Who is your female in business idol / role model / business celebrity
Gosh, there are loads of them. Right now, Shaa Wasmund is an inspiration – she’s one of the 20 leading entrepreneurs in the UK and a Times bestselling author. I also love Sarah Arrow for her generosity to up-and-coming business owners, and for doing business with heart. She’s always looking for ways to add value.

Q8 Your Favourite book by a female author (business or pleasure)
Right now it’s Rising Strong by Brené Brown. If you haven’t seen her TED talks or read her books, please do. She’s wonderful.

Q9 What’s your favourite restaurant for a business networking lunch?
I went to a gathering of high performing women at The Ivy in London a couple of weeks ago. That was pretty special.

Q10 Tell us your best business “win” so we can celebrate your success with you.
There have been plenty recently but #1 is the success of my new course on Procrastination, “Get The Darned Thing Done”. It’s changing people’s lives and that is THE BEST feeling! Also, a journalist is doing the course and will shortly write about her experience in a national newspaper – very exciting.

I feel immensely privileged to work with women who want to change the world. Building a successful business around doing something you love takes guts, resilience and plenty of staying power. I have nothing but admiration for the women who are putting themselves and their passion out there.

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