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What Steps You Can Take To Modernise Your Business

When you are running a business, it is important that you always think of ways to keep your business modern and up to date. Running a business in 2022 can be difficult, especially with the effects of the pandemic still lingering, so you must always be aware of what changes may need to be made to your business. So, if you are a business leader and want to modernise your business, here are some steps you can take.

Update The Office Space

One of the first things you can do to modernise your business is to update the office space. If your business has been operating in the same office for quite some time, then it is likely that it is in need of an update. Giving your office a revamp is a simple step that can make a big difference. It would be a good idea to first start with updating the office furniture so that everyone has somewhere comfy to work. Another good idea would be to ask for suggestions from your employees. Your employees are going to be the ones who will be spending most of their week in the office, so it would be a good idea to get their input on what needs changing.

Provide More Training

The next step to consider when modernising the office is providing more training to your staff. Your employees are a crucial part of your business, so you need to make sure that they are properly trained. As the business world continues to develop, more and more skills are needed to get by. This means that you need to provide regular training to your staff so that they can keep up with the modern world. The training doesn’t necessarily have to be complex either. It could be something as simple as teaching them how to find resources online that can make their jobs a bit easier. For example, there are tools that allow you to change file format, which could make it easier to share or use. If you find out that they do need some more intense training, then perhaps set aside a couple of full days so you can all go through it together.

Allow Some Remote Work

Another great step you can take for your business is to allow some remote work. Since the pandemic, remote work has become a permanent place in some business and others have chosen to adopt the hybrid model instead. If your business is solely office-based, you could be missing out on many potential employees. Allowing some remote work means that you are able to hire anyone from across the country, which gives you a lot more choice.

Market Research

When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most important things is keeping your customers happy. Doing market research is a proven way of modernising your business as you are getting a good insight into what your customers like and dislike about your business. It would be a good idea to ask your customers to complete a survey or write a review once they have used your services, so you can get a good idea of what changes need to be made.

 AUTHOR: Isabella Goode



5 Elegant Ways To Enhance Your Exhibition Stand Layout For Your Show

The success of an exhibition is determined by several factors aside from the product or services being displayed. Exhibitors all over the world no doubt have one thing in common, and that is having a perfect and successful exhibition at the end of the day. 

When it comes to the success of a display show, the exhibition stand design plays an important role. The exhibition stand layout is often repeatedly overlooked; however, a well-designed layout invites customers to explore your display.

A poorly designed one does the opposite, so a bespoke exhibition stand layout is a must to avoid turning potential customers away from your booth. Here is a list of suggestions for improving your exhibition stand for your next show.

Have a Well-Defined Brand Strategy

What do you want your visitors to see? This should be the backbone of your planning for the exhibition. Your stand should be used effectively to display your brand. The stand layout, theme, colour, and text should complement the brand. A clear brand strategy will help you organise your display and make it easy for attendees to identify your booth.

Offer Something Distinctive

Another way to enhance Your exhibition stand for your show is to intensify the value of your stand. This means giving your target audience something different from what your competitors have. Your stand should be different and eye-catching, and a branded uniform can help.

Wearing a branded uniform projects professionalism and makes your stand and team easy to locate. You could also offer gift bags, giveaways, a coffee cart, or invite a reputable guest speaker to your stand.

Your stand designer also plays a huge role in ensuring that your stand is unique. A professional exhibition stand design isn’t generic or simple. You want your stand to be unique, so you should go for only the best.

Make Use of Interactive Elements On Your Stand

Interactive elements are an excellent way to engage your audience. Now, this doesn’t require much. Simply adding a product demonstration where your attendees can view and ask questions or a competition where your visitors get to win certain prizes will do.

Go For The Right Lighting

Lightning attracts, so you are bound to attract visitors when used correctly at your exhibition stand. Proper lighting can make a lot of difference in your exhibition stand design, so it is worth taking advantage of. 

As bright lighting enhances your stand and attracts visitors, while dim or poor lighting deters visitors. Backlighting is one of the current trends for expo stands. This technique involves placing lights behind a fabric panel, signage, or frames to light them up. 

Make Use of Technology 

Technology, when used correctly, can be an intriguing element in your stand. There are several eye-catching technologies you can use to enhance your stand, like adding a video wall where the company’s stories and other engaging videos are displayed. You can also use virtual reality or augmented reality to engage your audience and enhance your exhibition stand.


Like the products or services on display, your exhibition stand speaks to your target audience. As you can see, it’s not just a wooden structure. Hopefully, you now understand how to improve your exhibition stand in just a few simple steps. Setting up your stand for your next expo would be less tiresome and more unique with these tips.

AUTHOR: Isabella Goode



5 Ways To Make Your Life Easier As A Woman In Business

Despite the massive strides that women have made in business, there is still some way to go until women enjoy the same level of success as men in the same industries. Many of the old, male-dominated ways are still prevalent, but every time a woman succeeds in a formerly male-oriented world, it makes it that much easier for the next generation of women. 

There are many challenges that a female business owner can face, along with the standard difficulties of starting a business from scratch. It is vital to believe strongly in your business and prepare properly to have the best shot at succeeding. 

Stop Trying To Please Everyone

Many business owners, men and women alike, still struggle with trying to please everyone. One of the first things you will learn as a business owner is that pleasing everyone is almost always impossible. This includes trying to please everyone, from customers to employees to business partners. 

You will need to make the hard decisions and stick to your guns. That’s not to say you shouldn’t adjust your approach in the face of new facts or information, but it is important to believe in yourself and your abilities. 

Care For Your Mental Health

Owning and operating a business can create a lot of stress in your life. Over time, this can build up and could be detrimental to your mental health if it is not properly managed. It is crucial that you avoid overworking, which can lead to burnout.

You should also take regular breaks and time for yourself to prevent yourself from becoming overworked. If you are concerned about your mental health, it may help to get in touch with a counsellor or therapist who can help you cope with stress in a healthy way. 

Outsource Specialised Work

There is a lot of specialised work that goes into operating a successful business. Outsourcing can be an invaluable way to free up your time, give you the best value for money and help you benefit from expert advice. Consider outsourcing work like IT support or administration to help you manage your time more effectively. 

You should also find a suitable agency to design your website for you. A professional and attractive website is crucial for any business and hiring the right professional to design it is critical. For some inspiration, take a look at the services from Visionsharp, a website design Manchester agency. 

Build Up Your Network Of Professional Women

One of the best ways to thrive in a male-dominated environment is to build up your support network of professional women. Connect with women who have been in your shoes and understand the challenges you face. 

You could start by attending conferences and business networking events aimed at women  1230 The Women’s Company. Ensure you mingle and exchange details with as many talented women as possible. You should also keep in contact with the professional women you meet throughout your years in the working world.

Hire The Right Staff

The team you hire to work in your business will make all the difference in helping you manage your business effectively. You should hire the best talent and ensure you provide an attractive salary and benefits. Offering a clear path of progression can be invaluable in helping attract and retain the best employees.

Author: Isabella Goode

Selecting a Storage Service for your Business: Key Factors to Consider

It is crucial that businesses find the right storage service for them. This can have a significant impact on their efficiency and day-to-day operations. There are various factors you will need to consider before making this major decision. Today we will look at five of the most important aspects in choosing a storage service.


When you are looking to establish a partnership with a storage provider, it is vital to consider their location. Their base will determine the level of convenience you will have. Prior to selecting a storage service, make sure they are located at a reasonable distance from your customers. If you run an eCommerce business, finding a storage provider in the right location will make a huge difference to your deliveries. If you are just starting out, these best practices may offer some useful guidance. Take the time to research this key aspects as it can help you minimise costs and manage your time better.


Next, you will need to identify your company’s requirements. It is important to understand the features which are offered by your chosen service provider. Consider their size and layout. Whilst every business will have unique requirements, it is still worth conducting this analysis beforehand. It will help you determine whether or not the service is suitable for your business. Look at the pricing plans and ensure you choose a provider that is transparent about operational charges.


It may be beneficial to establish how long your chosen storage provider has been operating for. Their experience in the industry can provide you with an insight into their ability to adapt to technological advancements. Moreover, their level of expertise will be crucial to supporting you with your needs.  For example, North West Storage Solutions has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of storage and distribution. Operating for more than 20 years, they can provide you with reliable storage solutions.


A good storage provider should be able to manage the volatility of businesses. Flexibility is a key consideration you will need to focus on. Regardless of whether this involves an increase or a decrease in your goods, a storage service should be able to accommodate changes. In fact, a provider should have a full understanding of your business needs. This will enable them to offer you the right solutions at the right time. For instance, your business might expand or you may experience seasonal fluctuations. Either way, the right storage provider should be able to provide scalability at all times.


A dedicated support team is essential in any service. When it comes to storage solutions, you will want to have peace of mind that your goods are safe. The employees are the ones who will be handling all stock. This is why your chosen storage provider should have a reliable and knowledgeable workforce. Be sure to check the type of reviews which are being shared regarding the quality of their customer service. You will want to be able to build a strong working relationship with them.

Author: Isabella Goode

Top Learning Resources for Adults

Top Learning Resources for Adults

Studying isn’t just for the university students. Maybe you’re looking for a chance in career paths, need to gain a qualification for a promotion, or simply want to be more knowledgeable or better at your job. Whatever the case, here are our picks for the top learning resources for adults.

Khan Academy

Although Khan Academy is branded as a resource for kids, their registry asks for a date of birth as a learner and scrolls all the way back to 1902. So, anyone under 119 can learn. There are adult-friendly and university-level courses on a limited number of subjects to help you out.

With lessons on maths, English literature, languages, and humanities amongst the best, Khan Academy is a helpful resource for those looking to brush up on some forgotten skills or to study for that higher that has suddenly become vital to a qualification.

The Open University

Created to foster distance learning, The Open University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in almost anything you can think of. Gain a Masters degree from the comfort of your own home, or take a module in something you’re interested in. Everything from engineering to mental health is on offer, with nursing and criminology in between.

Go at your own pace with full time or part time options available in all courses and be taught by leading professionals and institutions.

What you earn is up to you, with courses and modules resulting in credits. Earn 120 credits and you’ll get a certificate, 240 and you’ll earn a diploma and 360 for a degree. Modules are worth 30 or 60 credits and are chosen by you.


More for those looking to educate an entire team, WahooLearning is an educational service for businesses, offering e-learning content catered to your business and staff and even the ability to create and sell your own training content.

Create customised e-learning content created for you or your whole team, then post it online for an ongoing profit. Learn subjects such as finance management and learner support from leading experts.


Skillshare is a subscription-based educational service with a range of courses for you to take. Learn online those niche and obscure classes too odd for university. Have a go at digital animation or web development. Build you leadership or marketing skills. Or see what the lifestyle category has to offer if you fancy just learning something new like macrame or self-care.

Enjoy tutors at the top of their game, who you might recognise. Queer Eye’s smiling Jonathan Van Ness gives a self-care class that covers “Releasing Limiting Beliefs” and “The Joy of Discovery”.

Access Skillshare ForTeams to allow your entire team to take on of 35,000 courses on the site, with support and a team plan to keep track of everyone’s progress.

There are also free online classes for you to browse on every category with a subscription of £13 a month, but watch any YouTuber and you’re sure to find a discount code.


YouTube is a free how-guide on everything. You can learn to knit or do yoga or fix a car with YouTube, so its educational resources are abundant. Be careful who you trust though, since anyone can upload whatever misinformation they fancy. Look out for college and university channels and educational channels representing learning businesses.

Some reputable sources of education are channels such as:

  • Crash Course
  • CGP Grey
  • VSauce
  • Veritasium
  • Big Think


If you really want to learn from the certified best of the best, take a look at MasterClass. Another subscription-based platform, MasterClass boasts such names as The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood teaching creative writing, The West Wing creator and Social Network director Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting, and Neil deGrasse Tyson teaching Scientific Thinking and Communication. MasterClass is the star-studded school of the future.

Design with Anna Wintour, play tennis with Serena Williams or learn to cook with Gordon Ramsey.

Even if you have no interest in say, singing, it’s hard to not want to hear what Christina Aguilera has to say about the craft then move onto deadmau5’s take for £14 a month.

Open courses

Universities and colleges are offering open courses available to learn from online. Yale, MIT and Harvard are just some of the American colleges offering online courses, even if it’s not very common from British universities.

Registration is not required so Brits can access a wealth of video, audio and text transcript lessons on everything they have to offer.

Whether it’s how to unclog a sink, dealing with anxiety, or gaining a degree in rocket science, you can find it somewhere on this list. Learn online with the help of knowledgeable tutors and notice yourself turning into someone you can be proud of – with either the confidence, sink or certificate to prove it.

Author: Isabella Goode

Innovative Ways to Combat Stress in the Workplace and Improve Retention

Workplace stress is one of the most common forms of stress in employees. As an employer, it is your job to ensure that you help alleviate workplace stress and promote healthy working practices.

There are many ways to do this, and it can take some trial and error. It is also essential to keep your employees in the loop when making adjustments to the workplace, as this can help employees feel heard and valued.

Consider A Company Retreat

A break from work can be good for any employee. Combined with the opportunity to bond with your co-workers, it can be the perfect way to help reduce stress and leave employees feeling happy and relaxed.

Train Employees in Healthy Stress Management

There are many ways to cope with stress in a healthy way. Techniques such as meditation and mindfulness can be invaluable in helping employees reduce the stress in their daily lives. You could look for training and courses that show employees how to use these techniques and apply them in their work and personal lives. You could consider using an online-based training provider or send employees to an in-person training centre.

Keep Expectations Realistic

One of the most common causes of stress at work is having goals and deadlines that are unrealistic. It is important to frequently review your expectation of your team and ensure that you take into account changes in circumstances that may affect performance.

It is also important not to adopt a one size fits all approach to targets. Different employees will have different strengths and weaknesses, so it is crucial to tailor your expectations to each individual employee.

Empower Them to be Financially Healthy

Money worries can be a big contributing factor to workplace stress. It is vital to help your employees manage their finances where you can. An excellent way to do this is by using innovative payroll solutions such as PayCaptain. PayCaptain allows employees greater control over how and where they receive their salary and gives a clear overview of their funds and how best to manage them.

Promote A Healthy Work-Life Balance

It is crucial to ensure your employees maintain a good work-life balance. This means you should avoid situations that will cause employees to work excessive hours and consider how you could implement flexible working.

Flexible working allows employees to schedule their work life in a way that is the most beneficial to them. This could be flexitime, working from home or adjust start and finish times. It can help to give your employees a broad range of options.

Encourage Staff To Take Breaks

It is vital for productivity and wellbeing to ensure staff take regular breaks throughout the day. You should encourage employees to move around during their breaks and to step away from their computer screens.

Allow Employee Autonomy

No one enjoys the feeling of being micro-managed. Often employees work faster, better and experience less stress when they are allowed to organise their work to suit them. You could consider the ways to reduce micro-management and empower staff to have autonomy over their work.

Author: Isabella Goode

Why Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing Order Fulfilment

Running a business comes with many responsibilities, with one of the main ones is learning how to delegate tasks. Many tasks can be delegated to others within the business but certain tasks require additional, external support. For instance, storing, packing and sending products.

When a business first starts, it might have the time to pack and send items in-house. However, as they begin to grow and the quantities of orders expand, they need additional support – this is when an order fulfilment provider comes in.

The role of an order fulfilment provider is to store in their fulfilment centres the products of their clients. With every order, they will find, pack and send the products out for delivery. There are many benefits to investing in an order fulfilment provider, these are just a few of them.

Excel With Their Support

Finding the right order fulfilment provider can help to alter how your business is run, as well as the service it claims to offer consumers. Businesses such as Zendbox are helping their customers to fulfil their orders and retain the loyal clients they have made over the years.

Through powerful technology, companies that specialise in order fulfilment and eCommerce fulfilment can deliver orders effectively and efficiently, whilst keeping customers happy. When paired with the right provider, the options of what’s possible becomes somewhat limitless.

Lower Shipping Costs

Many order fulfilment providers have a vast number of facilities located across the country and in places overseas. Having this extensive range of facilities establishes a foundation that allows companies to offer lower shipping rates, leading to bulk delivery discounts to take advantage of. The potential savings will depend on the provider selected, so it is worth seeing which ones are available and compare the options.

Improve Customer Service

One of the key ways to run a successful business is having reliable and effective customer support. Using an order fulfilment provider means that your customers will have access to constant support, whether they are enquiring about an exchange, return or refund.

Ecommerce fulfilment also ensures that the risks of errors or wasted products are reduced. Not only does this save the business money, but it also ensures that the clients receive the right product the first time.

Focus On Other Areas

With the chosen fulfilment provider processing orders and ensuring that they go out to clients, business owners can rest assured that this area of the company is handled professionally and efficiently.

As any business owner will know, time is precious, so finding ways to free up time or not have to fix any issues is greatly appreciated. Knowing that the products are being packaged and shipped perfectly fine, they can focus their attention on other areas of the business, looking for ways to grow and expand, potentially gaining new customers for the company.

These are just some of the few benefits that come with outsourcing order fulfilment. If these benefits sound appealing and could be exactly what your business needs to advance to its next stage of growth, reach out to providers to understand what costs are involved. It might take time and it may even seem like an investment, however, the time it could provide to you and the money it could potentially save long term will be worth it.

Author: Isabella Goode

How Your Small Business Can Stand Out from the Crowd

Starting a small business is a challenge in itself, but growth in a crowded market can often prove a daunting task for owners. Here are some tips to help your small company take off.

Create Consistent Branding

Branding is not just graphic design and marketing (although these are important parts of branding). A good brand will provide a framework for all of your businesses’ operations. Your brand should reflect the company’s ethos and should inspire loyalty and an emotive response among your customers.

The important thing about your brand is that it showcases the identity of your business, making it instantly recognisable. Consistently applying branding across your company, from your website to your customer service and product design, is essential for creating a coherent brand. For example, even small steps like custom packaging labels (like those offered by RGS Labels) can make a big difference when promoting your brand.

Offer Stellar Customer Service

Customer and client relations is one of the few areas in which a small company can truly excel compared to its bigger competitors. Suppose you have a smaller customer base than others operating in your niche. In that case, you can afford to dedicate more time to individual clients, ultimately improving their experience and increasing the likelihood they will continue using your business.

Customer service can be a make or break issue for businesses. Around 75% of customers say that they judge a company as a whole based on customer services. For a bigger company, it is easier to cut corners in this department as they will continue to do business regardless. However, every customer is vital for the success of most small businesses, so you should pay great attention to their experience to improve satisfaction.

Listen to Feedback

For many small businesses, growth is a process of trial and error. You will undoubtedly make mistakes while running your company. While this can be disappointing, it is generally an excellent opportunity to learn and improve.

An excellent way to figure out where your business is performing well and where it might be falling short is to encourage reviews and customer feedback. Whether it is positive or negative, responding to feedback is an essential part of improving and growing.

You could incentivise clients to leave reviews by offering discounts or other rewards. There is another upside to getting reviews. If your business is highly reviewed on platforms like Facebook or Google reviews, it will also inspire confidence among new customers, contributing to growth.

Build Slowly but Surely

Overall, growing a small business can be a long and arduous task. The key to standing out from the crowd is focusing on what your business can do well, which sets you apart from your competitors. Creating a consistent and personal experience for customers, from your branding to communications with clients, is essential for small businesses. This will ultimately contribute to organic growth from referrals by happy customers, which is ultimately one of the best forms of publicity.

Author: Isabella Goode

Need An Accountant For Your Business? How To Make The Perfect Choice In 2021

If you’re running a company, you’ll want to be able to focus on making money. The last thing you’ll want is to spend all your time performing admin tasks and rifling through endless paperwork. Invoices and accounting can be a large part of this. It’s essential that everything is recorded and collated correctly. Tax forms need to be submitted on time, and the data needs to be accurate. Should anything go wrong there could be financial penalties or issues during audits.

It may be that you are in need of some outside help for your business. Perhaps you are thinking of employing an accountant, but don’t know which way to turn. This article has been written to help you find the most suitable professional for your company’s needs.

Research The Accountant Online

Before choosing one, perform some background checks. Most financial professionals have an online presence, so this should be your first port of call. MCL accountants provide free quotes over the internet, and also display a selection of customer reviews. They are Chartered Certified accountants based in Southend-on-Sea, and have received favourable reviews and accreditation.

Decide On The Level Of Qualification

You could secure an unqualified bookkeeper to do your daily accounts for you. This could save you money, and they may also be able to help you with your tax return. Some people prefer to have everything done by a fully qualified accountant, so they have total peace of mind. To be Certified and Chartered the person will have had to undergo extensive training, and to have acquired practical experience too. Having said that, make sure the accountant is able to perform all the tasks required for your business. This could include advice on taxation, payroll and business support.

Choose Someone With Experience

Find out how long the accountant has been in business, and whether they work for similar companies to yours. You’ll be paying them by the hour, so you won’t want someone who has to look things up every time you ask a question. If you select the right person they will cope with your company if it grows, and be able to provide helpful tips and recommendations.

Consider How You Wish To Communicate

If you dislike computers, you may want a local accountant: then you can drop off piles of invoices or have a quick chat during your lunchbreak. Alternatively cloud accounting might be attractive to you. You can send and receive emails, and have videoconference calls when you need them.

Go For A Big Thinker

Don’t just choose someone who will sit down and do what they’re told. Find someone who can advise you on possible tax benefits or ways to streamline your finances. They might be able to assess the way you run your company and identify specific areas for improvement.

Choose Someone Personable

You’ll be communicating on finance, which can be a sensitive issue. Make sure they are approachable and a clear communicator, and be sure you can trust in them to do the job properly.

Author: Isabella Goode

How To Prepare For Opening Up Your Business Again

Being a female business leader can be tough under normal circumstances, let alone when there’s a pandemic going on. Many have struggled over the last year because of the virus getting in the way of sales or potentially even forcing businesses to shut up shop temporarily.

The good news is that the light at the end of what seemed like an impossibly long tunnel is finally approaching. Restrictions are lifting, businesses are reopening, and the prospect of once again making a profit is becoming a reality.

To ensure you’re ready to reopen in a post-pandemic world, though, there are probably a few things you need to prepare for.

Find Ways To Reach People

If your business hasn’t been operational for months, there’s a good chance your finances might not be in the best position. That puts a lot of pressure on you for reopening because you need to start generating money immediately.

Improving your online presence through digital marketing techniques can help with this, as it’ll ensure your business reaches more people. Offering special offers upon reopening is also worthwhile because the possibilities of discounts and other good deals may tempt potential new customers.

Also, don’t forget that the government has a lot of support options available to businesses dealing with money troubles right now. You can find out more information about that here.

Ensure Your Premises Promote Good Hygiene

For the next few months, potentially even years, customer expectations are going to be a little all over the place. Some people will want things to be as they were before the pandemic, while others won’t be comfortable unless they see suitable hygiene measures in practice.

Pleasing everyone will be tough because you want all customers to feel safe without being too restricting. There are small things you can do to help achieve this, though.

For instance, you may need some countertop sneeze guards, which are available in bulk through Discount Displays. Having these around will demonstrate your interest in stopping germs from spreading, which ought to make some customers feel more comfortable. These countertop sneeze guards don’t interfere with the buying or selling experience, yet they still go a long way to showing that you’re passionate about maintaining good hygiene.

Put A Plan In Place

It’s always good to have a plan in place. Even if something unexpected happens that throws everything off the rails, plans usually account for such occurrences and find ways to work around them.

That’s why it’s so important to have one upon reopening your business. The future is still very uncertain, so it’s impossible to predict what will happen over the coming months. If you prepare for all eventualities beforehand, though, then you can feel more in control when things go wrong.

Not only is this good for you and your business, but it’s also ideal for your customers and employees too. They want and need you to stay open and profitable, and having a plan in place will give you an excellent chance of doing that.

Reopening a business after being closed for so long is incredibly exciting. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make up any losses from the last year and go on to great success, with these tips helping you to achieve that.

Author: Isabella Goode