With just 3 months till Christmas, September is not only the beginning of Autumn, after the holidays, it's also the start of a new business year!

Your business friends are going to be working like crazy to get extra sales in for Christmas. Why not make life easier for them? Bring them along to your next 1230 TWC Lunch-time meeting.

They'll thank you for the increased connections, the lively conversations, the knowledge and expertise exchanged and the fab lunch. Of course, they'll already know from you that this isn't a "sandwiches and sausage rolls" style event. You all deserve better than that in fabulous surroundings. 

September Sizzle


You'll love the training sessions where you'll learn something you can apply straight away. Past subjects from our speakers have been social media, marketing, leadership and other essential business topics.  Or it maybe that a Member is giving a Take10, most importantly you'll connect with the people who can help you grow your business. 

Sound like fun and just what you need?  Then go ahead and book now!

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Offer 1

Special September Membership Promotion 

A massive double whammy gift!
Usually - 12 months’ membership (£215) PLUS 12 months' meetings (that includes your meal) - £431, still excellent value.

During September Sizzle, 12 months’ membership PLUS 12 monthly meetings at a location of your choice 
just £347.

We'll let you work out this amazing discount %!


Just email here to let us know your chosen meeting location
No other conditions, promise.

Double whammy >>>>>>

available to 31 September 2019 only

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Offer 2

Bring a Business Girlfriend 

?How does it work?

~ A 1230 TWC Member or non-member friend pays non-member price for a meeting ie £34 or £28. 

~ The Member lets us know the name of the friend and arranges with the friend / client / colleague to share the cost =win:win! Two for the price of one! 

~ Your friend/client/colleague needs to be new to 1230 TWC and not have previously attended a 1230 TWC lunch-time meeting. 

~ Just email us with their name.

That's right you can split the lunch-time meeting cost (including lunch) - £34 inner London, £28 outer London, just divide by 2 - for that day, or just treat them. You'll find that when you give something like this, you gain so much in return.


~ Just one, your contact / client / friend cannot have previously attended a 1230 TWC meeting.


  • Someone you know who really could do with a helping hand.
  • It’s a great way to expand on a new networking connection by bringing them to your favourite meeting.
  •  There is always someone who deserves your thanks for a favour.
  • check
    A random act of kindness for someone lovely!
  • check
    Plus all the other reasons you can think of!

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