Resources for You

This page holds some invaluable resources for your business.  They are owned by people that we know (in fact you may know too) or have come highly recommended to us.  Just to mention too that on some of these I may receive a few pennies which help keep the pink hair ;) 

GDPR Training - Plain & Simple from KoffeeKlatch

Free Webinar - 15 January 12.30 pm
If you have client data in your business you'll need to be GDPR compliant. Right now, compliance is hard to define because the Information Commissioner is still preparing the documentation.  This means a lot of what you've learned so far about GDPR is likely to be incomplete.

The KoffeeKlatch legal team invite you along to a webinar and show you how you can use GDPR to not only be data-protection friendly, but so you can use it to grow your business.   Let's start with what is really known, and what is still in draft and what you can do now and what you may want to wait for.

Just add your details & attend the GDPR training sessions, remember to bring your questions, or submit them in advance!

Marketing Success Bundle from Sarkemedia

Using a popular Marketing Strategy Known as Flying By The Seat of My Pants

However, over the years Sarah Arrow of Sarkemedia has learnt that flying by the seat of her pants (aka making it up as you go along) is not a marketing strategy! Who knew! They certainly didn’t teach her that at university!

What if there is a way that you can do what you love and market your business at the same time? Without too much thinking, brainstorming, or sweating blood and tears? Would you be interested?

?What If Sarah shared with you her pre-written, done for your marketing strategy bundle? Would your life be easier?  Just click the image!


Public Relations Agreement brandable from KoffeeKlatch

Choose this contract if your PR is in the UK

All things Hosting, Domains with Vidahost

Moving to Vidahost couldn't be easier.Order any of our hosting plans and we'll quickly and carefully move your website across to our platform. No hassle, no downtime and at no extra cost.

1230 TWC has been using Vidahost  for 5 years, from a recommendation by one of our techie Members.  They are unbelievably helpful and go over and above the call of duty.  They are based in Slough where all data is hosted.