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What does it cost?

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“If you are looking for a network that guarantees a diverse mix of professional and entrepreneurial women; informative speakers and great content, then the 1230 TWC is the perfect place to flex your entrepreneurial wings!  There is something for everyone and you’ll be guaranteed to find the tools, information and ideas you need to grow accelerate your business to greater success”.
Sonia Brown MBE, NBWN  
1230 TWC is a unique business network.  We know that because since our launch in 2002 we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the network that goes many miles further, for YOU!  And because others tell us.  Lots more details co.uk/members/why-join/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here.  Here’s how we do it…
MEETING COSTS – all meetings include great surroundings, a delicious meal, managed by a 1230 TWC Host

Member price
Central London Mayfair – £24
Other locations Outer London and south-east – £18

1st time visitors
Central London Mayfair – £34
Other locations Outer London and south-east – £28 

2nd time visitors
Central London Mayfair – £34
Other locations Outer London and south-east – £28 

How many times can I attend as a visitor before I need to join 1230 TWC?  Twice

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I don’t want to become a 1230 TWC Member just yet, but would like to attend occasionally.  Of course, we can do that for you, you just pay a little more after your second meeting, but once you’ve done the sums, why not think about membership?  Benefits co.uk/members/why-join/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here.
Central London Mayfair – £54
Other locations Outer London and south-east – £48

6-4-5 ~ Pay for 5 meetings in advance, get one free!

Inner London
Member – 6 meetings for 5 = £120
Non-Member – 6 meetings for 5 = £270
A staggering difference of £150!
Over 12 months a Member saves £85!

Outer London
Member – 6 meetings for 5 = £90
Non-Member – 6 meetings for 5 = £240
A staggering difference of £150!
Over 12 months a Member saves £85!

More details co.uk/members/6-4-5/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here

So, how much is membership?  Well, that all depends on when you join.

Special Early Bird 1230 TWC Membership

This is by invitation only and not available on the web site.

I’m attending my first meeting, so how much do I pay for membership?

A full 12 months membership, inclusive of all co.uk/members/why-join/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Benefits will be held for 3 working days (including Saturdays) from date of that meeting at just £129.

From the 4th working day, membership will be a one-off £35, £180 for the first year, £160 subsequent renewals, all available via the web site.

Early Bird membership is only available by personal invitation and payable by e-invoice (ie not via the web site), or by cheque to 1230 TWC Head Office.

 co.uk”>justs for your personal invitation

Do you know a 1230 TWC co.uk/members/directory/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Member?  Excellent, then they’ll share with you the wonders and successes of 1230 TWC for them.  

BUT in addition to that…

If you arrange to come to a meeting for the first time by discussion with that Member, just book on-line for your meeting, and because our Members are particularly wonderful, they will share the cost of that meeting with you (other locations, booked at 2nd visitor price).

co.uk/information/faqs/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>FAQs

1230 TWC Rocks!
“I have been a member of 1230 TWC since January of this year. I do a lot of networking but what I particularly like about 1230 is that we are a group of like minded business women, running a wide variety of  businesses but able to help each other with any issues or concerns that we may have, whether that be advertising, marketing, staffing issues…

We have also done a lot of social media training – arranged prior to meetings,  which has been very useful.  To anyone wondering about whether or not to join I suggest you go along to a local meeting and see for yourself the great benefits to be had”.  Michele Cole, WPA, private medical insurance

1230 TWC membership
“Jackie co-founded one of the first networks for women in business in the UK. Since then 1230TWC has gone from strength to strength and it is still a great place for business women to go to meet other women business owners.

The intimate lunch groups are as far away as possible from the speed networking large crowds and far more accessible for women who want to make real connections that work over the longer run.The support the members get off each other, in person and on line via the 1230TWC web site or in social media is excellent and this has recently extended to the new business school which brings together a package of expertise – all hands on – from people at the sharp end of running a business.The connections I have made through 1230TWC have helped me develop a new range of products and services and even the write for the Financial Mail Women’s Forum.I have always enjoyed being a member of 1230TWC and however large my business gets, how ever many countries we trade in I will always check in for lunch somewhere, somehow when I am around.” Annabel Kaye – Irenicon Ltd