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International Women in Business
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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 25 Jun 2021
  • Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm


25 Jun 2021


2:30 pm - 5:30 pm



International Women in Business Symposium


Inspiration, Collaboration & Support


Join this exciting, wide-ranging event to meet other businesswomen from around the globe with a huge breadth of businesses.

This month we welcome four fabulous speakers who bring their practical knowledge and inspiring stories to the International Women in Business Symposium.It’s a chance for you and your business to grow through making connections, collaboration and learning from the experiences of businesswomen just like you!

We’re delighted to introduce – Evelyne Brink, Freda Muyambo, Kat Webb and Phyllis Woodfine.

“Business by Pleasure, Less Stress, More Success” with Business Witch and Confidant to The Stars, Evelyne Brink

“How Micro Businesses are so Worthwhile in Africa” with award winning blogger, renowned African food expert and founder of a value fashion chain,  Freda Muyambo

“Turning my 2 Great Passions Into a Global Business” with owner of 20th Century B ’n B and creator of “In Ziggies Footsteps”, Kat Webb 

“Setting Yourself Up For Success” with Osteopath and creator of the Whole Life Audit, Phyllis Woodfine 

Meet our speakers…


Business by Pleasure, Less stress, more success

What happens when a woman prioritises herself? What happens if she stops giving all day? When she refuses to sacrifice herself to success, family and partners? In this talk/workshop we explore how a radical shift from testosterone fuelled business approaches to a much more generative way of creating in the world has us juiced up and create more sucesss, connection and rewards than we ever could busting our £$%. Without having to do daily Pretzeling (Yoga) or drink celery juice. (Unless you like that, then go for it). This talk is not a fluffy escape from the world idea but the way that business badassery is created without killing yourself. Business by Pleasure. Are you in?

Brink Coaching

About Evelyne

Through her 20 years of coaching experience Evelyne developed a potent feminine anti-hustle approach that elevates silently exhausted leaders to grow their Business-Queendoms fuelled by extreme wellbeing. Business by Pleasure ! A wildly expressive coach, author and super-mum of 2 children born with medical challenges, she uses the challenges of a ‘crazy life’ of being a nurse/carer/single parent/business owner audaciously to find more aliveness and magic. She has been featured on TV and media i.e. as Europe’s nr. 1 Madonna impersonator and travelled the world with one woman shows as well as mimicking the queen of pop. As an intimate singer-songwriter, business witch and confidante to the stars, Evelyne helps you create the impossible, liberates your expressive side and intends to end the chronic insecurity culture for women. 



How Micro Businesses are so Worthwhile in Africa

Freda’s story of how she created and manages her businesses.

About Freda

Freda Muyambo is the managing director of 2 businesses, My Burnt Orange and Zoë Qu’an. My Burnt Orange is her renowned blog where she has written for 10 years, with a significant focus on the under-explored area of African cuisine. She is established as an expert in that niche, noted for her inspired creativity in African cookery on CNN. She has featured in The African Economist, Guardian UK, and on the BBC. She has also co-authored 2 published books and regularly contributes to other online publications, podcasts, and TV. During the 2020 pandemic, Freda and 2 friends founded a new handmade fashion accessories brand called Zoë Qu’an. With a lot of despair experienced during the pandemic, they wanted to bring new hope of LIFE, QUality, And Nurturing within the Nigerian fashion value chain, hence Zoë Qu’an was born. In less than a year since its inception, they have already established a head office, production line, and distribution channels. Freda believes that working with others takes one a lot further than working alone. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and 4 children. Her autonomy as an entrepreneur enables her to split her time between work, family, and life. 



Turning my 2 great passions into a global business

Using her existing skills developed from past careers and qualifications as well as highlighting the power of networking, Kat will be taking us on a pictorial journey of how she’s put together her 2 great passions – David Bowie and art deco into successful businesses which reach out across the globe.

About Kat

Kat successfully completed diplomas both at design school and at drama school. She initially started her working career in restaurants for 8 years before moving into a health and social care career for over 23 years. During this time Kat trained as a social worker and gained a degree in sexual health. At the age of fifty, feeling burnt out with the pressures of working in child protection, she took a career break and decided to totally change direction in her life. 

Twentieth Century BnB

Kat created two businesses. Firstly, following a life-long passion of David Bowie’s connection to her home town of Beckenham, she set up ‘In Ziggy’s Footsteps – The Walking Tour of David Bowie’s Beckenham’. Two years later after buying her dream Art Deco house by the sea, she opened up her unique ‘Twentieth Century B&B’ with her partner Spencer. Both businesses have attracted a great deal of international interest with Bowie fans and those interested in Twentieth Century design. With both businesses closed during lockdowns, Kat has had to find creative ways to diversify her businesses to keep people interested both nationally and internationally. She has embraced new ways of developing her businesses which have created exciting opportunities. Find out more today.



Setting yourself up for success 

The talk is on how we have the ability to be as successful as we want and have all of the tools at our disposal within us. We can access them with the right mindset, a little help from visualisation and hypnotherapy as well as talking to the right person to draw it out of us if needs be!

About Phyllis

Phyllis’ interest in health and wellbeing began in her teens as a result of sustaining sports related injuries and receiving treatment. In her early 20’s she had to have a series of surgeries which sparked her interest in women’s health and the mindset of coping with unexpected difficulties. After a few years working as a Building Surveyor in Environmental Health, Phyllis realised that helping people with their housing was not enough. Her passion lay in empowering women with their health and confidence. As a result, she retrained in the early 1990’s as a complementary therapist, in 2002 she completed her degree in Osteopathy. She subsequently completed training in clinical Pilates, Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and has a MSc in Sports Injury Management. During her 28- year career Phyllis has imparted her passion for Women’s Health through teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She has strived to improve and maintain the mindset and health of women by working in the community and combining her skills. As the Whole Life Coach Phyllis works with women to realise their desire to improve their health, grow confidence, visibility and to create the changes they want in their lives and businesses. 


What happens? 

You “meet-up” online 1:1 for a specified amount of time – you can extend this time if you wish – no need for business cards, just click the “Connect” button to connect after the event. Your opportunity to Follow-up after the event, with the contact details waiting for you in your Hopin account!


The Exhibition Lounge is where you will find the Exhibition Booths (stands). You’ll be able to speak with the Speakers at the Booths, register an interest in their business, collect vouchers and dropdown informative pdf s.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to high profile yourself/your business by having a stand too and to meet all the attendees.

Just book a Booth to get your entry place too.

About International Women In Business

International Women in Business is a collaboration between Sian Murphy, host of the Women In Business Radio Show and the charitable business, Women in Business Events, and Jackie Groundsell, founder of 1230 The Women’s Company, a local and international network supporting business women looking to start and grow their business with regular meetings, training and annual conferences. Jackie also owns Birds on the Blog, a renowned blogging website.

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