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Meet Libby, From Be Happy Courses

libbyI’m Libby and I’m the founder of and  I started the business to spread more happiness! Cheesy, but it’s true!  I help people (all sorts of people from all walks of life), especially people who are feeling down and know they need to “pick themselves up again”. I do this with my 7-day challenge on becoming happier. Here I help the participants become mindful in their life and return back to happiness.

I love the idea of business networking. I have always been a huge advocate of women in business so this fits in with my ethos particularly well, and one of my favourite women in business is Michelle Mone.

I actually, never do lunch with business! Eating and business are too important to mix – it would mean I had to divide my attention and that just wouldn’t be right!!

I do heaps of work with charities that I’m involved in and although it is my birthday on Christmas Day, I always work on Christmas Day and give my counselling services away for free. I know how challenging a time of year it can be for a lot of people and it is incredibly rewarding to be able to do this. The best part of my work is being able to help people who otherwise might not have access to mental health services and education.

Meet Julie Dennis – The Menopause Coach

Headshot-JDI’m Julie Dennis the founder JD Enterprises which I’ve run since 2013.

I was made redundant in 2013 and quickly realized I didn’t want to return to commuting and working long hours for companies where I didn’t feel like I was making a difference.

The biggest challenge for me when I launched my business was that it was just me! I was used to working as a part of a global team with loads of support. Suddenly I was covering IT, HR, Marketing and Accounts!

I specialise in helping professional women manage their menopause symptoms so they can remain cool and confident at work.

I know from personal experience how debilitating menopause symptoms can be if you don’t have access to expert advice. I want women to know that when symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and anxiety strike they are not alone and that with the right knowledge and the right attitude you really can navigate your menopause years with grace and ease.

I love business networking. It’s a constant source of advice, support and of course business! I’ve made excellent business contacts, connected other people and made some good friends

For my business, women-only business networking works best – guys tend to back away when I start talking hormones and menopause!

I draw inspiration from so many female business owners. I love Suzanne Dibble for her you can do and be absolutely anything you want attitude and Sarah Arrow for her generous support to so many business women. I love Rachel Henke’s freedom business model and Karen Skidmore’s no-nonsense approach to marketing. Caroline Ferguson, my best business girlfriend, has been a constant source of advice, accountability and fun.

My favourite book by a female author is Life without Limits by Chrissie Wellington. Her achievements in sport are incredible as is her generosity to other competitors. After each ironman race she won, Chrissie remained at the finish line to cheer each and every competitor home.

My favourite venue for business networking has got to be Limewood which I visited last year with my mastermind group.

My best business win is just about to come. I’m working towards getting an article on Managing Menopause in the Workplace into the national press.

Studies show almost 50% of women experiencing menopause symptoms feel their job performance is negatively affected as a result of poor concentration, tiredness, poor memory and of course, hot flushes.

We need to increase awareness for business around the impact of menopause so they can effectively manage the female leadership pipeline and ensure female talent isn’t lost.

It’s equally important that women get access to expert, balanced advice so they can then make an informed choice as to how to manage symptoms.

I am on a mission to get business talking about the impact of menopause in the workplace and work with companies to integrate a menopause policy into their health and well-being strategy. Watch this space!

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Meet Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer

Caroline-Ferguson-Mindset-TrainerQ1. What’s your name and what you do?
I’m Caroline Ferguson and I’m a Mindset Trainer to purpose-driven women who know they were born for something bigger. I help them to overcome limiting beliefs, low self-worth and procrastination so that they can deliver their full, extraordinary impact.

Q2 Why Did you Start a business and what was your biggest business challenge when you started?
I’d been self-employed for many years as a business communications specialist, but there was always something missing. I found my true north when I retrained as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. My biggest challenge was marketing technology (which it turns out was much simpler than I was trying to make it).

Q3 Who do you help / serve in your business?
I help women (and a few men) who are tired of sabotaging themselves and getting in their own way. They know they’re capable of making a greater impact but they feel stuck. They are ready to make the change.

Q4 How did you know they were the people you’re meant to help?
It took me a while to work this out. At first, I wanted to help everyone sort out their mindset, but gradually I realised that when I was trying to communicate with “everyone”, no-one could hear me. It wasn’t until I started focusing on the people I loved working with – entrepreneurial women – that I was able to understand their pain and get really clear on my messaging.

Q5 What do you think of business networking?
It’s essential. I wouldn’t have a business without it. I network extensively, both in the room at events and online.

Q6 What do you think of women-only business networking?
I love it. I know some people prefer mixed networking but I go where my clients feel comfortable. Women are incredibly generous networkers – it’s less about competition and much more about connection and collaboration, which is my favourite way to do business.

Q7 Who is your female in business idol / role model / business celebrity
Gosh, there are loads of them. Right now, Shaa Wasmund is an inspiration – she’s one of the 20 leading entrepreneurs in the UK and a Times bestselling author. I also love Sarah Arrow for her generosity to up-and-coming business owners, and for doing business with heart. She’s always looking for ways to add value.

Q8 Your Favourite book by a female author (business or pleasure)
Right now it’s Rising Strong by Brené Brown. If you haven’t seen her TED talks or read her books, please do. She’s wonderful.

Q9 What’s your favourite restaurant for a business networking lunch?
I went to a gathering of high performing women at The Ivy in London a couple of weeks ago. That was pretty special.

Q10 Tell us your best business “win” so we can celebrate your success with you.
There have been plenty recently but #1 is the success of my new course on Procrastination, “Get The Darned Thing Done”. It’s changing people’s lives and that is THE BEST feeling! Also, a journalist is doing the course and will shortly write about her experience in a national newspaper – very exciting.

I feel immensely privileged to work with women who want to change the world. Building a successful business around doing something you love takes guts, resilience and plenty of staying power. I have nothing but admiration for the women who are putting themselves and their passion out there.

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Meet Jane Kenyon

well heeled divas bookJane Kenyon is a natural giver. She can’t help but share her lessons and continual learnings.

Last year she found re-ignited her writing mojo and produced 2 books. These are selling well and getting rave reviews.

She often posts her own inspirational quotes across various social media platforms on a daily basis.

Jane is also invited onto global radio stations to share her story and life philosophy, writes for several on and offline magazines and speaks internationally. You can meet her at the Make It Happen event in Spain.

If you’d like to order your books, Jane can deliver them to you personally in Spain.

You can order here

Meet Jackie Barrie – Make It Happen

Jackie Barrie is a renowned copywriter, networker and speaker.

You can meet here in Spain at the Make it Happen Event 2016

Meet Annabel Kaye

Annabel Kaye will show you how to have a business with friends and family that doesn’t end in tears.

What Reaches and Motivates Women to Buy

What Reaches and Motivates Women to Buy

What Reaches and Motivates Women to Buy  According to the Marketing to Women Conference, 85% of buying decisions are made by women. That means that appealing to women to purchase your product or service is a very important aspect of marketing online. With more than 94% of these women having access to the internet, it becomes clear that you need to appeal to women if you want them to buy what you have to offer. In fact, some people believe that even if you want the man to buy what you have to offer, you should appeal to their wives and mothers first as they influence their men.

Women make up the majority of the online market with over 20% of them shopping online at least once per day. Most women are using mobile devices to access information that helps them make purchasing decisions. With over 70% of new businesses being started by women, and many of those being online businesses, it’s important for your business to understand the market.

  • Make them feel special – Women are special, so it’s important for you to make them feel that way. Most women report to feeling completely misunderstood by companies. Make it your business to know what makes them feel special. This will go beyond the fact that they are women down to the exact particulars of your audience.
  • Appeal to the mother – Most women are mothers or will be mothers or have a mother. If you can appeal to the mother in women, depending upon your audience, you can create a powerful urge to purchase your product.
  •  Show that you care about the environment – Women are more environmentally aware today than ever before. If there are two similar products, and one is more environmentally friendly than the other, they’ll be more likely to purchase the environmentally friendly model.
  • Support women’s causes – Study your particular audience to find out what causes they care about, then support those causes. Giving 10% of your profits to a cause that the women in your audience care about will encourage them to buy.
  • Acknowledge that women love sports – There is a rumour that women do not like sports, but that’s just not true. They love sports almost equally to men. Women also like staying fit by walking, running, and playing sports.
  •  Be a socially responsible company – Take pride in supporting social causes, because like the environment these are things that a lot of women care about. They want to buy things from companies that share their values.
  • Create responsive web design – Women use many devices to access the internet so it’s important that you design your websites to be responsible, no matter which type of device they use to access your information.

Women are technologically advanced, spending more time online than men, and using more types of devices to access the internet than men. They tend to buy using whatever device they are using at the time. They buy at their PC, from their mobile devices, as well as in person using their devices to research beforehand, and ask their friends and family for recommendations.

To appeal to women, don’t misunderstand their intelligence, their autonomy, or their knowledge of social responsibility and the world outside of men. Research your audience. If your main criteria for your audience is women, you still have a subset of women that you need to learn about and know.

Business Action Plan and Online Business Timeline

Creating Your Business Action Plan and Online Business Timeline

Business Action Plan and Online Business TimelineMost businesses start out with a dash of inspiration, a dream and that is where it ends. Even the most innovative businesses can wind up closing their doors because a good action plan, a focused timeline and a lack of connections were not thought out or put in place at conception.

There are many benefits to creating your business action plan and online business timeline. When you have an action plan put into place and follow it regularly and continue to focus on your business timeline, things will run much more smoothly for your new business, your employees, and your customers.

Tips to Create a Powerful Action Plan

  • Streamline Your Path – If you have a dream and a vision – excellent. Now, you must have knowledge of where your business is heading down the line. It is important to focus on a streamlined path when you first start your business. Otherwise, you are likely to find that your business is “all over the place.” Be sure to be specific in where you expect your business to go in the first twelve months.
  • Put It in Writing – In the early stages of creating your business, it is important to create an action plan in writing. Without this piece of the puzzle, it can get messy quite quickly. Having an action plan in your head or verbalizing it with other team members is not nearly as efficient as putting it down in writing.
  • Measure Your Goals Consistently – Make sure to check up on your goals often. By measuring your goals, you consistently marry those goals against where you are at the moment. If your goals are not in alignment with where they should be, then it is time to re-evaluate.
  • Break Down Bigger Projects into More Manageable Ones – When you create your action plan, make certain to break down bigger projects into more manageable ones. In this way, you will be able to get the whole job done without it feeling overwhelming.
  • Delegate – Do not be afraid to delegate some of your action plan. If you try to do everything all on your own, chances are all those balls you are juggling will come tumbling down sooner rather than later.

Tips to Create an Online Business Timeline

  • Create a Timeline for Every Task – You may think it is not necessary to create a timeline for each and every task; however, a timeline is essential for success. Creating a timeline will help you to manage your time and your business.
  • Keep It Real – A timeline should have manageable date attached to each task. If you create a timeline goal too soon, then you may set yourself up for failure. By being realistic, you set yourself up for success.
  • Differentiate Your Tasks – Make certain to differentiate your short-term tasks from your long-term tasks. For example, a short-term task would be to hire employees and a long-term task would be to improve your social media status.
  • Stick to Your Timeline No Matter What – You have to have integrity in this area. You need to stick with your timeline no matter what, as this is the only way to achieve success.
  • Stay Focused – It is very easy to let a task go because other “stuff” gets in the way. Stay focused and stick to your timeline. Check your progress as you go along the way.

And finally, no matter how good your planning and implementing is, you will crave the company of others, often in a similar position as you are. You’ll meet and grow connections over lunch when you join us!


Can Hiring a Business Coach Really Make a Difference?

Can Hiring a Business Coach Really Make a Difference?

Can Hiring a Business Coach Really Make a Difference?Whether you’re just starting a business or you’re well into your venture, the idea of hiring a business coach may have come to mind. But you may be wondering if a business coach can really make a difference for you. To answer this question, you need to understand what a business coach does, and how to choose the right one for you.

Business coaching provides a way to interact with a professional who has your best interests at heart and can help you be more effective building your business and balancing your life and your business. Business coaches are a good mixture of accountability partner, sounding board, cheerleader and even emotional support. The business coach specializes in ensuring that all aspects of your life work together with the ultimate focus on ensuring that your business works.

Even the process of hiring a coach can be beneficial to your business. The coach will want to assess where you are right now with your business and find out where you want to go. An effective business coach will help you determine not just the direction you want your business to go, but will also identity actionable steps to take to achieve the goals you and your coach set.


Checking in with someone else on a regular basis to tell them and show them what you’ve accomplished since the last meeting will give you someone besides yourself to be accountable to. For many people this helps them act in their own best interests and not put off anything, since most people don’t want to disappoint others.

Sounding Board

Talking plans and proposals out with a third party who is also well versed in your type of business will help solidify each plan you make so that you’re not going down the wrong roads to start with.


Running a business is hard and some business coaches make excellent support systems and cheerleaders. In this way, you not only have a good plan of action to make your dreams come true but also someone to share your success with who has your best interests at heart.

Emotional Support

Many business coaches understand how home life can affect your business life. They can often help you deal with your family and friends when it comes to pushing your business forward.

If you need help identifying holes in your business plan, ways to fill the gaps, and how to create an actionable plan to push your business forward, then a business coach can definitely make a difference. The trick is finding the right business coach for your particular business.

In order to find the right coach for you that fits your business type and personality, ask the right questions of any potential coach. Plus, ask others for referrals before hiring any business coach. Finally, buy some of the coach’s products and services and try working on a short-term project with them first. This can help you ensure that they are the right coach to push your business to the next level.

Good luck!


PS wondering where you can meet the right business coach? Come along to our Business Networking Lunches

Why Business Networking Increases Your Opportunities

Why Business Networking Increases Your Opportunities

Why Business Networking Increases Your OpportunitiesIt’s not what you know, it’s who you know is the old adage, and it’s not wrong. Networking has always been the best way to find a job, get recommendations, and increase the buzz about any business. Networking has been going on long before the advent of computers and social networking sites.

After-hours business functions, lunches, school runs and more have always been the traditional ways in which business women get together to be social and get to know each other. It’s a great way to build relationships outside of the business but in a way that nurtures their business.

Through business networking  you can increase your business opportunities in many ways, and in this post I’ll share 8 ways with you.

1. Business Networking Grows You More Referrals

A referral is considered a “hot” lead. This is someone who has already likely been sold on your business products and or services. All you have to do is provide the referral with the information they want, follow up, and close the deal.

2. It Builds Trust

Trust is one of the foundations of business. People are more likely to want to do business with someone they trust. Networking events give others an opportunity to see you outside of your element and in a new way. Seeing you as a human being will build the trust, as you work toward building relationships that last regardless of what they can do for you.

3. Your Word of Mouth Skyrockets

A well-honed networker has higher word-of-mouth buzz than others because they have demonstrated, through their actions, that they are a resource to others. It doesn’t matter what you sell; if you are vocal about your business, but also helpful and provide advice freely, you’ll be the first person people think about when they need to offer someone a referral.

4. Business Networking Increases Career Satisfaction

When you are happier, it shows when you present your opportunity to others. If you are not happy and don’t understand why you are doing something, it shows too. By practicing presenting your ideas and business to others at networking events, online and off, you will gain confidence in your abilities and it will shine through.

5. Provides a Great Market Education

When you are more knowledgeable about your market, you will create more opportunities for yourself and your business. Networking with peers is great for referrals and comrades, but networking with your audience also provides an education in your market that you cannot get any other way, if you’re listening.

6. Improves Your Communication Abilities

The more you network with others, the better you’ll get at communicating with others. The better you are at communicating, the more people will like and trust you. The more people like and trust you, the busier your business will be.

 7.It Makes You to Be Ready

Just the act of going to a networking event pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you study your business, your audience, and understand what type of education you need to succeed. It gets you outside of your bubble in a way that nothing else can.

8. Gives You the Ability to Test Prior to Production

When you network with honest people, especially your peers, you can try out ideas before putting them into practice. You can see what their reaction is before you waste too much time and money. These valuable insights will increase the profitability of your business!

Business Networking is one of the best ways to increase opportunities for you and your business. Fancy joining us at a business networking meeting for women?

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