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Death to the Elevator Pitch – Networking

with thanks to Charlotte Wibberley for tongue in cheek suggested title.

“Do I really have to stand up and give a 1 minute talk?” Let’s come back to that question, and answer.

Over the years, I’ve written many articles/blogs about the benefits of networking – not bad for someone who was dragged screaming and shouting to her first business women’s networking event, eh?!

One great opportunity at networking events is that most offer you the chance to stand up and speak to a supportive – please notice that word “supportive” – audience. None better is a female audience. Women are natural networkers and connectors. I enjoy nothing better than attending the various 1230 TWC group meetings and being able to learn and connect across them all.

Don’t only attend those events that don’t provide this opportunity just because they don’t provide the opportunity to stand up and speak!

1230 TWC wasn’t started with great intent. It started as a need for me to make contacts to grow my IT Training company. I was a virgin networker, observing others making those so vital connections. Build trusting business relationships – please note that word too - “relationships”. Awesome to see. But sooo awful to see was the SELLING!

The other thing we do well but sometimes ignore is to collaborate. Don’t look for milestones of hindrance, especially, don’t be concerned with “competitors” in “your” market place. There’s always something to learn and scope to explore opportunities to work together.

I digress!


Some time ago I asked on Facebook what the word “pitch” implied/meant to the (business) readers. An emphatic “SALES/SELLING” came back, which they hated with a vengeance! So not only do we have – “I can’t possibly stand up and talk” but we also have SELLING!!! in our faces.
Are they part and parcel of the same issue?

According to Wikipedia:

An elevator pitch, elevator speech or elevator statement is a short sales pitch – there it is, “sales”.

Sales, selling – these are big turn-offs for many who might consider attending networking events. They don’t want to be sold to, neither do they want to sell.

Let’s be realistic. We’re in business to sell our products, our services. Networking allows us the opportunity to do this in a less “in yer face” way and much more.

So to answer the question “Do I really have to stand up and give a 1 minute talk?” No, you don’t. But why waste this chance to let everyone there know why they should come to you as opposed to your next-door neighbour. Again realistically, you’re unlikely to be able to talk to everyone individually, but they can then come to you and your expertise!

alarm clock hearts

11 points to remember about your 1 minute talk:

1) Planning is key

2) That includes practicing in the bathroom – yes, say it out LOUD.

a. Get used to the sound of your voice, and time yourself accordingly.

b. Remember 1 minute for example, is the maximum amount of time. If you can get your message over in less – congratulations! A definite no, no is to take liberties and overrun your maximum time.

3) You are in a supportive environment - everyone willing you to succeed

4) Demonstrate your expertise in your subject

5) Use humour, props – something that makes you memorable

6) It’s NOT ABOUT YOU – it’s about how you can help your listeners

7) You are in a supportive environment - everyone willing you to succeed
No, this isn’t a typo, just a reminder of a very important fact.

8) The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

9) One size doesn’t fit all. That is, vary each talk.

10) It’s not about what you DO, it’s about what you OFFER.

11) Be yourself! People buy people – and breathe!

1 Minute talk guide

Everyone who attends 1230 TWC meetings is given a copy of this card as an aide memoire. Inside is the 1230 TWC 1 Minute Guide, the text in grey is suggestions for varying detail as appropriate, with space to make notes from the meeting.

Networking is NOT about selling, it’s about building RELATIONSHIPS.

So please…. No more “elevator pitches”.
Stop it, NOW!
Just be yourself and speak!

business networking blackheath lunch

Blackheath & Greenwich Business Networking

Business Networking Lunches in Blackheath & Greenwich 

Lunch and business networking with like-minded businesswomen

Our Blackheath & Greenwich Business Women's Networking Lunch meeting takes place at the chic, modern Aqua Restaurant offering Mediterranean flavours. So good, you won't believe it's business as well!!!


Venue directions

Aqua Restaurant, 3-5 Montpelier Vale,  Blackheath, London, SE3 0TA

At this 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking Lunch you can expect great conversation, a speaker or a mini-workshop  on an aspect of business, and a great lunch.

Meets on the 3rd Thursday each month
@ 12.30 pm

Your Host
Claudette Webb

Successful "Small Biz 100"
In the 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday on 7 December, the campaign will highlight each of the 100 businesses, to celebrate their success and encourage the nation to shop locally.
Congratulations to Claudette - founder of The Design Webb for being chosen!

I’m the face behind The Design Webb, specialising in handmade curtains, blinds and soft furnishings in my studio in South London.

Funnily enough, I dabbled in making curtains and blinds when I first left home, having learnt to sew at school. They did the job in my first home but if I had to examine them today, I would be very critical.

Fast forward many years later, after working in the corporate world and looking for a change, doing something that I loved, I studied Interiors at KLC School of Design, where my passion for textiles lead to further qualifications in Professional Curtains and Soft Furnishings.

Now, I do believe things happen for a reason, and when I made my first curtains all those years ago, I never dreamt that one day it would be part of my own business. Perhaps that was the plan for me all along.

Can't make this month's meeting? Book in for the next one here!

Bromley Business Networking Lunch-time meeting

Business Networking Lunches in Bromley 

Business Networking With Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs

Our Bromley Business Women's Networking Lunch-time meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Delicious cuisine with a friendly service in a warm and
vibrant atmosphere that is Blend.  You'll be delighted to know that this is business too!


Venue directions
Blend Bar & Grill,
32 East Street, Bromley   BR1 1QU

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking Lunch you can expect great conversation, a speaker on an aspect of business, and a great lunch.

Meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month

Your Host

Caterina Bernardini

Caterina started her working life as a city banker and, during this time, was privileged to work in Cannes for a while. At the age of 30, she took a career break and travelled around the US and Europe. She also worked in Rome teaching English as a foreign language and, sold perfumes on a commission only basis and became the best saleswoman, earning a full-time income, working only part time hours. When Caterina returned to the UK, she studied floristry for 4 years and, whilst promoting her floristry services to a golf club, was asked if she supplied tropical plants – her reply, ‘yes I do’ knowing nothing about this industry!) She has been supplying plant displays to the corporate world for the past 22 years. In 2016, Caterina started a business in Serviced Accommodation, which she runs alongside the plants business, and became a Host for 1230 Bromley. She now owns properties with her husband.
In her personal life, Caterina is a wife and a mum, sings opera and plays the piano. She has also been on many self-development courses, one of which included running across a bed of hot coals….. unscathed!

Can't make this month's meeting? Book in for the next one here!

Your Host

Croydon, Business, women

Croydon Business Networking Lunches

Business Lunch-time meetings For Women in Croydon

Business Networking With Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs

Our Croydon Business Women's Networking Lunch meeting at Ponte Nuovo. With our own exclusive room this  ensures your networking lunch is a special treat - so good, you won't believe it's business as well!!!


Venue directions

Ponte Nuovo
86-88 High Street
Croydon CR0 1NA

A speaker sharing their expertise, a delightful lunch and networking with your business peers, what's not to love?

1230 TWC Croydon meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month
@ 12.30 pm

Your Host

If this sounds like you and you'd like to know more (without commitment on either side) please email Jackie direct for a chat.

Can't make this month's lunch? Book in for the next one here!

City of London Business networking

Women's Business Networking Lunches in the City of London

Business Networking With Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs - Just Like You!
1230 TWC City of London Lots of networking, delicious lunch and business to be done!

It was fabulous before, so we can guarantee it's more than fabulous now!
Our own exclusive room at Devonshire Terrace ensures our networking lunch is a special treat - so good, you won't believe it's business as well!!!


Venue directions
Devonshire Terrace
9 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4WY

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking lunch meeting you can expect great conversations, a speaker on an aspect of business,
and a great lunch.
Meeting @ 12.30 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Your Host

Like to know more about being a
1230 TWC?  We'd love to chat, just get in touch..

Can't make this month's lunch? Book in for the next one here!

Thanet Lunch-time Business Networking

Business Lunch-time Networking in Thanet

Business Networking With Like-Minded Business Women

Our Thanet Business Women's Networking Lunch meets at The Powell Restaurant . This venue ensures our networking lunch is packed with flavour. Come and join us, you won't believe it's business as well!


Venue directions

The Powell Restaurant
11 The Square, Birchington on Sea
Kent CT7 9AF
convenient car parking in the adjoining Church Car Park.

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking Lunch in Thanet, you can expect great conversations, a mini-workshop or speaker on an aspect of business, and a great lunch.

Thanet meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month
@ 12.30 pm

Your Host

Kat Webb

“David Bowie’s music has had a huge influence on my life since I became a massive fan in my teens. It has always amazed me that Bowie, Ronson, Woody and Trevor all lived in my home town at the same time as me, when I was a child. The 5 albums Bowie released while living here (‘David Bowie’ – later renamed ‘Space Oddity’, ‘The Man who sold the World’, ‘Hunky Dory’, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ and ‘Aladdin Sane’) by coincidence happen to be my favourite LPs of his.

I'm delighted to be able to support local businesswomen with the fabulous 1230 TWC.

Can't make this month's meeting? Book in for the next one here!

Mayfair Business Networking Lunches

Business Networking Lunches, in Mayfair, for Businesswomen

Want to network with like-minded business women, working for success? This is for you - all welcome
This month
Take10 with Pauline Denny
Get in Gear for your Tax Return
where Pauline will share her
Tips & Tricks to make your Tax life easier!

Our Mayfair Business Women's Networking meeting at the gorgeously querky and amazingly Tarrdis-like Jak's of Mayfair...
It's so good, you won't believe it's business as well!!!


Venue directions

Jak's Mayfair

43 South Molton Street

London W1K 5RS
1 min walk from Bond Street Tube Station

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking Lunch-time meetings you can expect great conversation, a speaker or workshop on an aspect of business, oh, and a great lunch.

Meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month
@ 12.30 pm

Take10 with
Pauline Denny
Denny Sullivan Chartered Accountants

Get in gear for your tax return

Why not clear the decks before the Christmas rush. Now’s the time to get your records sorted and handed over to someone who loves tax much more than you do!

With 20 years experience, Pauline will share with you, her tips and tricks on:

  • Tax allowable deductions for homeworking & travel costs
  • Record keeping

Pauline has  been running an accountancy practice with her husband for over 20 years. She has a close working relationship with all her clients and focuses on enabling small businesses and start-ups to flourish. 

Plenty of time for Q/A

Your Host

Lucia Pestana

Lucia is Founder of Pestana’s HR & Coaching a consultancy, Lucia provides personal and business coaching, specialising in Human Resources, Health and Safety and the areas of Learning and Personal Development.

"From the age of 17 and through radio broadcasting I have learned my passion was to work with people, I wanted to change the World and reach as many people as possible by effectively communicating and understanding them using my passion for psychology. My passion for radio broadcasting evolved to all the areas of the Media where I developed a passion for film, moving image graphics and I ended up graduating with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design.

Fast forward 10 years and I was waitressing, something I absolutely loved doing, however deep down I wanted more. I didn't know what that more was until I was exposed to HR and developed a great passion for the profession and became a CIPD Associate. While continuously learning and working in HR I still wanted more, as my want for continuous development was insatiable, I have continued my learning journey with Coaching and soon will become a EFT practitioner. 

I have attained many skills in the last 10 years and now is the time for me to share them with everyone. Knowledge is gained for sharing the more you share the more you know. My promise is to share my knowledge and provide Coaching and Mentoring that promotes successful outcomes in every project."

Can't make this month's meeting? Book in for the next one here!

1230 TWC Mastermind

1230 TWC Mastermind

Working With Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs - Just Like You!
27 March


Venue directions

The Anthologist
58 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7BB

You know the value of networking. As an established woman in business you need MUCH MORE than that.

You want and need a group of women on a similar journey to you
A space where you can receive and give feedback
A room where you grow and
where the Chatham House Rule applies

That's what the
1230 TWC Mastermind is about.

 Our 1230 TWC Mastermind will:

  • Allow you to share what’s really going on in your business in a safe environment.
  • Pinpoint areas you want to improve.
  • Gain insight from other members.
  • Give you specific actions to focus each month.
  • Hold you accountable and focused during each month.
  • As a result grow revenue and reach your goals faster.

 What you get:

  • Advanced level business training
  • Structured format
  • Peer to peer support
  • Creative ideas and fresh perspectives
  • Motivation from experienced business owners
  • Honesty and constructive criticism
  • A buffet style brunch

Accountability and focus will get you further faster saving you time and money

This is 
Collaboration | Challenging | Mentoring | Expertise |Brainstorming | Learning | Strengthening | Accountability |Growth | Support & Training
for 9 Special Established Women Entrepreneurs

The London Chapter next meeting is 
27 March - 10.00 am - 1.00 pm with brunch

networking, business, women

Your Host

networking, business, women

Meet your Facilitator
Julia Bernard-Thompson

Beach Hut BBQ

1230 TWC Beach Hut BBQ

Business Networking With Fun, Sand & Sun

Come along for our Summer fun
Everyone welcome - connections to be made here too!


Venue directions

Beach Hut 9
The Riviera, Sandgate, Folkestone
CT20 3AB

Come along and join us at our Summer special all welcome
Beach Hut BBQ, Sandgate

Nicky Tolson
our BBQ Host

Bring whatever you would like to eat

Maybe cossie & towel too

Why not visit the harbour and purchase your own fresh fish/lobster or bring your own meat/vegetables to BBQ

(Separate BBQ for vegetarian options)

Salads provided, as is Chef!

Plates/cups no problem – you might like to bring your own cutlery!

Just £5 1230 TWC Members, Visitors £10

All welcome – family, friends…

Approach Coastal Park (large flags flying) from Sandgate, Car Park is immediately on entering the Park – pay at meter (toilets in Car Park). Walk down the steps (on the right of the pic) at Car Park entrance and turn left at the bottom to the Hut

along the Promenade – about 50 yds

If inclement weather we will retire to a nearby friendly hostelry.

The Woeful Tale of a Terabyte or 2

This 1TB (terabyte) SSD that you bought, yes… well, the machine only recognises 250GB.  Given that a terabyte is 1,000 Gigabytes (GB) 1024GB to be precise, that means that the HDD (hard disk drive) is only using a quarter/25% of its full capacity.

Hmmmm.  Still with me?

What is the difference between a Solid State Drive (SSD) and a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)?

A traditional HDD is a device made up of moving parts that uses spinning platters to store data. An SSD on the other hand uses flash memory and has no moving parts.



What am I talking about?  Data storage space, computers, PCs.  Those of you who know me will know that I’m not technical although I have been known to fit a few GB of RAM over the years.  OK, either way this SDD is dangerously full up, so said machine needs a new hard drive.  Seems that a 4TB hard drive would be a good move.


The machine sees that it has 4TB hard drive, but only reads it as 2TB.  Eeeeek!

Screaming girl