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Barnes & Chiswick Business Networking Lunch

Business Networking Lunch in Barnes & Chiswick

Business Networking With Like-Minded Business Women - Just Like You!

Our Barnes & Chiswick Business Women's Networking Lunch meets at the Coach & Horses, just 2 mins walk from Barnes Bridge Station.  The Stables, nestled away off the garden at the back of the pub is the perfect space to ensure our networking lunch is packed with flavour. Come and join us, you won't believe it's business as well!!!


Venue directions

The Stables (back of pub)
Coach and Horses
27 Barnes High Street
Barnes, London
SW13 9LW

At the 1230 TWC Business Women's Networking Lunch in Barnes & Chiswick, you can expect great conversations, a mini-workshop or speaker on an aspect of business, and a great lunch.

Barnes meets on the 4th Monday of each month
@ 12.30 pm

Your Host

Meet your hostess - Harleen Chadha

I am Harleen H Chadha, a Professional Co-active 'Clarity and Success Mindset Coach', from The Coaches Training Institute, a spirit junkie, passionate about guiding you beyond the frustration, indecisiveness and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back in achieving your personal/business/corporate goals.

As your coach, I’m here to help you define, access and develop the BEST version of you by creating a thought-provoking and stimulating relationship and maximising your personal and professional growth and most importantly getting you to take that FIRST STEP towards PROGRESS. Because I believe if you access the best version of yourself, you are living in resonance and your vibration rate increases - more positivity, more awareness and hence a fulfilling and a High-Vibe life.

After working in the financial services industry for over a decade, I knew I wanted to do something more fulfilling and productive. And then I had a breakthrough

- I was expecting a little miracle in 2015 and that changed EVERYTHING

- I knew there was something else out there waiting for me to happen

After a few sessions with my own life coach, I knew that was just what I wanted to do myself. Quitting a well-paid, secure job (and not to mention quitting my high achiever persona) wasn't easy but Coaching as a profession was much more fulfilling and resonant with my inner values. So I dared myself to follow the unknown. And I am not looking back any more…

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Jackie Groundsell is known as the queen of women's business networking lunches - the connector. She supports thousands of small business owners through her events and lunches.

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