We are not instinctively born knowing how to ‘do’ marketing.

When we train in something we love and want to share our message with others, we’ll likely hit a point where we realise that we have plateaued yet we have a bigger game to play.

You have the deep desire to make it happen because you set out to change the world

So let me help you apply the key principles of heart-centred marketing to ensure you gain clarity on your business, your message, your clients and of course, your marketing.

Without clarity you will likely continue to stay stuck, feeling doubt that you can fulfil your potential and the spark of inspiration that lit your way will fade to a faint glow.

So my passion is to reignite your creativity and sparkle. I will help you prioritise and focus on key areas of your business and motivate you on an exciting path towards greater success. We will carefully plan and execute the next steps required to move you forward in your business, whilst ensuring that your individual talents and values lead the way.

It’s time to take a new look at how you make money and expand your influence.

I came to Jo feeling utterly stuck and exasperated with myself and my lack of action....  

...don’t be fooled by Jo’s gentle, sweet disposition, 
she has ninja skills for getting out of you what she needs to push you forward!

Zoe Edwards

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